Wednesday, 22 February 2017

President Buhari Calls Gov Ganduje Of Kano Thanks, Kano State Indigenes For Their Prayers

President Buhari Calls Gov Ganduje Of Kano Thanks, Kano State Indigenes For Their Prayers
Kano State government revealed that president Buhari called His Excellency Governor Ganduje of Kano state during a state prayer’s session organized for the quick recovery of the president.

The president was said to have made the surprise call during the special prayer session.He was said to have appreciated the prayers on his behalf by the state government.

PHOTOS: Plus Sized Model Bares B00bs As She Shares Inspiring Message

Plus Sized Model Bares B00bs As She Shares Inspiring Message
American plus-sized model and radio host, Simone Mariposa has made the decision to reclaim the word ‘fat‘ after being bullied by cruel trolls.

The Los Angeles based revealed that she has had the photo saved in her drafts but was scared to post it online. Read whats she wrote and see more photos below:

“I’ve had this picture saved in my drafts for a while, and I was scared to post it.

I have a tough relationship with the rolls on my stomach, and anytime they show in pictures, I always delete them.

But I took a second to think about it, today.

This is me, the body that I have worked so hard to love and accept.

There’s no hiding it, and I shouldn’t have to.

I’d be doing a disservice to myself and the women who look at me and my body for inspiration to present a constantly edited depiction of myself.

/*-/*So here I am. Rolls and all.

#BEInYourSkin “

The Government Won't Allow Militants To Hold Nigeria To Ransom - Acting President

We Won’t Allow Militants Hold Nigeria To Ransom –osinbajo

Nigerian acting President  Prof. Yemi Osinbajo yesterday stated emphatically that militants in the Niger Delta will not be allowed to hold Nigeria to ransom, just as he said the administration is committed to its change agenda.

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo said the dwindling oil prices and disruption in supply occasioned by the insecurity in the Niger Delta region had made Nigerians to realise the urgent need to diversify the nation’s economy.

Nigerian acting president, who spoke at the 16th National Productivity Day and conferment of the National Productivity Order of Merit Award on 15 individuals and five organisations in Abuja, said though, delivery may be a bit slow, but the promised change will come in no distant time.

The acting president said, “Boko Haram has been defeated and is only resorting to cowardly attacks on soft targets, killing innocent men, women and children. Despite this, the residents of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, including several neighbouring states are now going about their daily business in relative safety.

“Besides Boko Haram, a new insurgency has risen in the form of blowing up gas and oil pipelines by groups of Niger Delta militants. This administration will not allow them to hold the country to ransom. While security is being beefed up in the area, we shall intensify our ongoing dialogue with the various stakeholders in the region,” he said.

Aware of the onerous task ahead, especially in pulling the country out of the recession, the acting president asserted that with more productivity, the nation will, once more, be on the path of sustainable growth and development that will guarantee the people a higher and improved standard of living.

The acting president reveal, without visible level of productivity in any nation, employment generation and wealth creation could not  be guaranteed.

He disclosed that government will facilitate the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) by putting in place friendly policies to motivate entrepreneurs because of its ability to grow the economy and provide jobs.

In addition, he said economic stabilisation measures, including import restriction will be sustained to increase dependency on local manufacturing enterprises.

This year’s theme: “Productivity for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Employment,”, Osinbajo,  said was  timely and apt assuring that government will ensure actualisation of the social security programmes.

Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, while explaining the essence of the award, said it was organised to celebrate and reward excellence in service.

This he added was through recognition of   individuals and organisations that had made significant contributions to the growth and development of the nation.

He said it was based purely on merit with emphasis on creativity, innovation, high performance, efficiency, discipline and patriotism.

Breaking: Turkey reverses female army officers' headscarf ban

A woman wearing a headscarf in Istanbul (04 June 2015)
Strong ban on female army officers in Turkey wearing the Muslim headscarf has been lifted by the government.

It has long been seen as the guardian of Turkey's secular constitution. The military is the last Turkish institution to see the ban removed.

Putting on headscarves in public institutions was banned in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, Turkey's Islamist-leaning President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, argues that the ban is an illiberal vestige of the past.

The issue has been controversial in Turkey for many years.

Turkish demonstrators raise their hands during a protest organised by pro-Islamic groups outside the Middle East Technical University in Ankara (07 September 2013)
Secularists regard the headscarf as a symbol of religious conservatism and have accused President Erdogan of pushing an Islamist agenda, converting many public schools into religious ones as part of his pledge to raise "a pious generation".

News reaching us that the BBC's Mark Lowen, in Istanbul, says the secular side of Turkey now feels largely ostracised, accusing Mr Erdogan of governing just for his conservative, religious support base.

The conservatives respond that they were long seen as second-class citizens and the headscarf is an expression of individual liberties.
Our correspondent says that Turkey's religious-secular divide is as old as the republic itself, but is now arguably deeper than ever.