Friday, 3 February 2017

US Politics: Angelina Jolie blasts Donald Trump's executive order on refugees

Angelina Jolie spoke out against President Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily restricts citizens from seven countries from entering the United States.

“Refugees are men, women and children caught in the fury of war, or the cross hairs of persecution. Far from being terrorists, they are often the victims of terrorism themselves,” she wrote in an op-ed for the New York Times published on Thursday.

The 41-year-old actress is an active humanitarian and special envoy for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Jolie has worked with the United Nations since 2001 and has carried out over 50 missions for them.

“Americans have shed blood to defend the idea that human rights transcend culture, geography, ethnicity and religion,” Jolie wrote. “The decision to suspend the resettlement of refuges to the United States and deny entry to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries has been met with shock by our friends around the world precisely because of this record.”

While Jolie acknowledged that it is “entirely justifiable” for the United States to secure its borders from terrorism threats, she also insisted that “every government must balance the needs of its citizens with its international responsibilities.”

“As the mother of six children, who were all born in foreign lands and are proud American citizens, I very much want our country to be safe for them, and all our nation’s children,” she added.

“But I also want to know that refugee children who qualify for asylum will always have the chance to plead their case to a compassionate America. And that we can manage our security without writing off citizens of entire countries — even babies — as unsafe to visit our country by virtue of geography or religion.”

Trump has not responded to Jolie's open letter.

French soldier shoots machete-wielding man

                                  The body of a man lays on the floor as two soldiers guard him in the Louvre museum, on 3 February 2017 in Paris.
Media captionPolice spokeswoman Johanna Primevert: "The man threw himself at the soldier"

A French soldier guarding the Louvre in Paris has shot a man who tried to attack a security patrol with a machete shouting "Allahu Akbar", police say.

The man, who tried to gain entry to the Louvre's shopping centre, was shot in the abdomen and seriously injured.

Reports say he is an Egyptian man, 29, who arrived in France last month. Police have not released his identity.

President Francois Hollande said the situation was under control but the "threat of terrorism is here to stay".

The Louvre, which is home to numerous celebrated art works, including the Mona Lisa, is due to reopen on Saturday.

The incident began at 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT) in the Carrousel du Louvre shopping centre at stairs leading to an entrance to the museum itself.

A patrol of four soldiers are reported to have tried to subdue the assailant using non-lethal force after he rushed at them.

US sanctions Iran after missile test

File photo, released by semi-official Iranian Students News Agency, of a long-range S-200 missile fired in a military drill in the port city of Bushehr

The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on Iran following its recent ballistic missile test.
The US Treasury Department announced the measures against 13 people and a dozen companies on Friday.

President Donald Trump tweeted earlier: "Iran is playing with fire - they don't appreciate how 'kind' President Obama was to them. Not me!"

But Iran has said it will not yield to "useless" American threats from "an inexperienced person".
John Smith, the US Treasury Department's acting sanctions chief, said in a statement: "Iran's continued support for terrorism and development of its ballistic missile programme poses a threat to the region, to our partners worldwide and to the United States." Read more on bbc