Friday, 28 October 2016

Sex tape: How Beauty Queen paid N1.8m to her blackmailers, more shocking details

According to him, the ex-beauty queen has now been granted asylum in an undisclosed country. He also went further to claim that the videos which are in more than 10 parts (in which only two were released yet) was done for money long before she became a queen. Chidinma was not the only one being blackmailed for the lesbian sex video but she however became a big fish to the blackmailers when she won the beauty queen contest.


The ex-beauty queen has parted with a whooping N1.8m just so that videos won’t be released to the public but the blackmailers were bent on milking her dry. He went further to say that Chidinma was trying to do damage control when she said it was photoshopped and that she is not the one in the video. And that she was trying to insult the intelligence of everyone by saying that.

”Damage control is very important. Chidinma shouldn’t have started up with the photoshop rubbish. It would have been easier for us to understand that she under the influence of juvenile excesses. Telling us that it was photoshopped was like insulting our combined intelligence.”

Mr Victor Ibeh went further to reveal how ladies and young guys do unbelievable things just to have money and be regarded as a big girl or big in the society. He posted:

”The love for money. The love for money. Bringing up our children with wrong values. What does a little girl below 20 want to do with millions.  Those videos were made for money. You heard me right.  That reminds of my uni days. What some of you don’t know is that majority of uni girls go for weekend prostitution for money. Some also engage in pornography for foreign sites, just to make money. Even that so called husband, boyfriend, wife and girlfriend, you have might have their nudes videos somewhere in another country. Do you also know that orgy-Naija captures the images of people who go for sexual orgy with them.

”A car and an iPhone is the reason we have her videos every where. The excessive desire to get wealth is why little girls are busy doing nasty things for money. The other time we heard about the lady who agreed to go to Dubai and eat poop just for money.  We are talking about a great future society. How can we achieve that when the young people of today have already lost sense of what values and morals are.
Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2016”

Interesting!!! Uganda’s ugliest man with 8 kids BREAKS internet again (photos, video)

Godfrey Baguma, aged 47, who claimed his title of the ugliest man in Uganda a year ago has appeared in international news articles again!

Popstar Godfrey sings into a microphone as he practices his songs

Mr Baguma’s story touched heart of millions people around the world and now he wants to make use of it as he is a doting father of eight children and as it turned out a rather talented musician.

Thanks to his extremely unusual appearance he has already become a local celebrity with his music videos and pop songs bringing him fame.


Godfrey Baguma sits on a bed as part of his music video in Uganda

However, not everything is so rosy in Godfrey’s life as almost all his life he was taunted and bullied.

He said: “When I was born my mother looked at me and said that I was not a normal child and she left me. Thankfully my grandmother took care of me.

I was scared to go out and mix with people. People would say I wasn’t a human being, that I looked like a strange creature. But now I have to accept how I look.”


Godfrey with other dancers while filming his music video

Besides, his first wife left him and their two children. But God works in mysterious ways — eight years ago Godfrey met Kate Namanda, his second wife and mother of his six children, who loves him with all her heart.

Namande said: “Godfrey’s not handsome on the outside, but he has a good heart. I wish people would see him the way I see him.”

Recently Godfrey underwent the full examination and was diagnosed with a rare condition called *fibrodysplasia.

Describing the singer’s case Doctor Wilson said: “He has very widespread abnormality in his head and pressing on various parts of his brain. His posture is compressing his chest – this is why he’s not breathing well.”


Godfrey sits holding a shoe as he works as a cobble

While doctors hope that his children will avoid the fate of their father, there were some cases which have shown people inheriting the mutation from one affected parent with the condition.

The man shared his fears: “I was so worried that the doctor wanted to operate on me. I feel glad that he just told me about my condition. I feel so good and I have learned that I am a human being.

Right now I am afraid because I have a little daughter who kind of resembles me. I look at her head and I believe that she might look like me.

Godfrey waits to have his MRI scan to diagnose the problem with his face

Sometimes I worry because my children are still very young. I worry about what would happen to them if I died. I think about that a lot now.”

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Nevertheless, doctors don’t lose hope and say that with the correct medication, Godfrey’s health can be managed and give him more or less normal life.

Recalling the day his life changed for the better Godfrey said said: “I was mending my shoes and a man who worked in entertainment asked me to take part in a show.


Godfrey Baguma sits on the sofa in his house in Uganda

Now I’ve got friends. People call me to go to their shows and give me money. It helps me take care of my children.”

Watch video:


Godfrey has a good heart, according to his partner

In many cases, injuries can cause joints to become permanently frozen in place. Surgical removal of the extra bone growths has been shown to cause the body to “repair” the affected area with even more bone.

Nato chief says alliance 'does not want new Cold War'

                                NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg delivers a press conference after a NATO defence ministers" meeting at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on October 27, 201

Nato is not seeking confrontation with Russia and does not want another Cold War, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has told the BBC.

The planned deployment of 4,000 extra troops to eastern Europe aims to prevent, not provoke conflict, he said.

Despite current tensions, the military alliance does not see Russia as a threat, he added.

Relations between the west and Russia are at their lowest point since the Cold War.

The US and European Union imposed sanctions on Russia following its annexation of Ukraine's Crimean peninsula in 2014.

The war in Syria has also been a flashpoint for tensions, with key western powers accusing Russia of war crimes in its bombardment of opposition-held areas in support of the Syrian government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected those allegations, and says the idea that Russia has aggressive military designs in Europe as "ridiculous".

Multi-national Nato battalions made up of 1,000 troops each will be deployed to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania early next year.

They will be led by the US, Britain, Canada and Germany.

But rather than seeking to confront Russia, Nato continues "to strive for a more cooperative and constructive relationship", Mr Stoltenberg said.

"But we have to do that based on collective defence - deterrence."

While Nato did not see any imminent threat from Russia, it was responding to its actions in Ukraine, he said, as well as what he called the use of nuclear rhetoric to intimidate European nations.

Nato says it believes Russia has about 330,000 troops stationed near its western border.

Earlier this week, plans for Russian warships to dock at a Spanish port were cancelled after Nato allies voiced concern that they could be used to bomb civilians in Syria.

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu storms EFCC cell for Fani-Kayode and Abati

                                     Ike Ekweremadu storms EFCC cell for Fani-Kayode and Abati
Nigeria’s deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, on Thursday, October 27, 2016 reportedly stormed the detention centre of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Ekweremadu was at the facility, according to Vanguard, in solidarity with some detained former aides to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The deputy Senate president is the topmost elected politician in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Just days ago, the EFCC had arrested Femi Fani-Kayode, a former minister and loyalist of the former president. The anti-graft agency also detained Reuben Abati, a former presidential spokesperson.

The EFCC also arrested Bala Mohammed, then minister of the Federal Capital Territory for alleged fraud.

The visit, according to the report, was to boost their morale while they remained in detention.

The report quoted Ekweremadu as telling the detained former aides that that they were paying same price of leadership paid by past leaders who were detained in the country.

While Abati has been released by the anti-graft agency, Fani-Kayode, is to be arraigned on new charges on Thursday, November 10

Wizard flying from Benin to UK crashes in Sapele River; blames Buhari (photo)

A man who claimed to be a wizard has blamed the recession in the President Muhammadu Buhari administration for why he crashed into Sapele River.

Vanguard reports that the man who was discovered in Ajogodo River in Sapele, Delta State said he was flying from Benin airport to attend a meeting in the UK using Plantain Leaf.

He said he was also supposed to watch a football match in the UK when the fuel in his jet finished.

He said: “I was flying in with what is known in the physical realm as ‘Plantain Leaf,’ but it is actually my expensive private jet in the coven realm.

“It crashed me into this bridge, when the fuel in it finished. My members will be here tonight to refuel it for me, so I can continue my journey to the UK.

Wizard claims he was flying to Uk when his fuel finished

“I have to be in the UK to watch football, because there is economic recession, unemployment and inflation in Nigeria.”

In a similar situation, Apostle Chukwusom Okoli challenged witches, wizards and spiritualists all over the world to a spiritual contest.

Vanguard reports that the apostle who is the founder of New Covenant Christian Fellowship which is located in Nnobi in Anambra state said he wants to use the contest to re-enact the feat of Prophet Elijah in Mount Carmel, where he challenged the prophets of Baal to determine whether God or Baal was supreme.

The 83-year pastor said: “For a long time now a lot of people believe in occultism, charms, witchcraft, wizardry and all sorts of satanic manipulations instead of believing in the Almighty God. I want this contest to determine who is supreme: God or all those witches, occults and their likes.

 “All these groups should come together against the Apostle of Christ. From 12 noon they can do everything. After then, the Apostle will do his own to bring down the power of God.

“This challenge has gone into internet and social media; it involves the universe: India, United States of America, Europe, China, among others. I insist that there must be a clear demarcation of who the Supreme Being is.”

The private dance video that went viral

An 18-year-old Egyptian woman, Ghadeer Ahmed, sent a video of herself dancing in a short dress to her then boyfriend in 2009. After they broke up, three years later, he posted it on YouTube. But when critics started to shame her on SOCIAL MEDIA, by linking to the video, Ghadeer bravely reposted it her own Facebook page and told the world she was proud.

17-year-old girl shot dead for drug dealing in Philippines (Photos)


A teenage girl has been shot dead by unknown gunmen in Philippines for drug dealing. The deceased was found lying in the street with her blood-stained Barbie doll making her the latest victim of the Philippines war on drugs, reports say. She was shot dead alongside her older friend by unknown motorcycle-riding gunmen in an alley in Manila.

Her shooters left a cardboard sign on the body of her 21-year-old male friend with the message

'You are a drug pusher, you are an animal'.Meanwhile, after investigation by the Philippines police on getting to the scene, they now believe the girl may have been an innocent victim caught up in the shooting when the gunman tried to target her male friend.

Pictures from the scene show the bloodstained teenager, lying dead on the ground outside a house in a dark street. Other images show officers gathering up her belongings, which also includes a Hello Kitty watch as her relatives stood weeping and devastated by the incident.

More photos below...






Manchester United boss, Jose Mourinho charged over pre-Liverpool referee comments

                                Jose Mourinho
Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been charged by the Football Association for claiming it would be "difficult" for referee Anthony Taylor to officiate their game with Liverpool.

Mourinho added appointing Taylor for the 17 October match had put "pressure" on the Manchester-based official.

Managers are not supposed to speak about referees prior to matches.

Mourinho has until 31 October to respond to a charge of improper conduct and bringing the game into disrepute.

Taylor issued four yellow cards - all to Manchester United - in the 0-0 draw.

Former referees' chief Keith Hackett was among those to question the Professional Game Match Officials Limited's (PGMOL) decision to assign the match to Altrincham season-ticket holder Taylor, claiming it would be "intolerable" if he got a big decision wrong.

PGMOL stood down Leicester fan Kevin Friend in April when he was due to take charge of the Foxes' title rivals Tottenham in their game against Stoke.

Mourinho foresaw the potential for the FA to take action against him when he spoke before the game, claiming that he "did not really want to say too much more on the matter. I have learned a lesson... by being punished so many times for my words about referees".

Managers were banned from talking about officials in the run-up to matches in 2009 in an attempt to prevent their comment from influencing decisions.

The Portuguese was given a one-match stadium ban and fined £40,000 in November after the FA backed referee Jon Moss' claims that the then-Chelsea manager refused to leave the officials' changing room and verbally abused him and his colleagues at half-time of a defeat at West Ham.

Mourinho was also fined £50,000 for claiming that referees were afraid to award penalties against his side last season after the Blues were beaten 3-1 by Southampton in October.


Soldiers discovers 23 human skulls, arrests 44 IPOB members

                                    Soldiers discovers 23 human skulls, arrests 44 IPOB members
Operatives of the Joint Task Force, also known as Operation Delta Safe, disclosed on Thursday that it discovered a total of 23 decomposing human skulls and a human skeleton during raids on militant camps belonging to suspected members of the Bakassi Strike Force in Bakassi and Akpabuyo local government areas of Cross River State.

 A statement issued on Thursday by the Coordinator, Joint Media Campaign Centre, Operation Delta Safe, Lieutenant Colonel Olaolu Dauda, said the camps located at Ikot Ene Idem, Abakpa and Ikang Inam communities in the Bakassi and Akpabuyo councils of the state were destroyed on Wednesday.

 It also said that 44 suspected members of the Indigenous People of Biafra were arrested during the inauguration of the Bayelsa State chapter of the group.

 It said the arrested suspects were apprehended at Lakeview Club, along Mabinton Estate, Okaka Road in Bayelsa State while trying to disrupt public peace.

 The statement read, “In fulfillment of Operation Delta Safe’s mandate to rid the Niger Delta region of crude oil theft, sea robbery, all forms of criminality and protection of oil and gas facilities, on October 26, 2016, troops of Sector 4 in Cross River State, acting on a tip-off, carried out raids of Ikot Ene Idem, Abakpa and Ikang Inam communities in the Bakassi and Akpabuyo local government areas.

 “During the cordon-and-search operations, troops discovered four militant shrines with 23 human skulls in various stages of decomposition, a complete human skeleton and several other human body parts. The shrines were destroyed as troops continued the search for the perpetrators of these heinous acts against humanity.”

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God gets angry too - Pastor E.A Adeboye

Open Heavens Daily Devotional

Welcome to Open Heavens Daily Devotional written by Pastor E.A Adeboye

Friday, 28 October 2016

TOPIC: God Gets Angry Too 

Memorise: For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. Psalms 30:5

Read: Psalms 30:1-5 (KJV)

1 I will extol thee, O Lord; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me.

2 O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.

3 O Lord, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave: thou hast kept me alive, that I should not go down to the pit.

4 Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his, and give THANKS at the remembrance of his holiness.

5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Bible in one year: Zechariah 1:1-6-8, Psalms 86:15-37

A truth catches one’s attention in today’s Bible reading; God can be angry! If this wasn’t the case, the Bible wouldn’t have said; “For this anger endureth but a moment”. Jeremiah 25:6 further corroborates this fact by saying that the God of love can be provoked to anger: 

“And go not after other gods to serve them, and to worship them, and provoke me not to anger with works of your hands; and I will do you no hurt.”

It is only a false teacher or prophet that will teach that God is so lovingly holy, therefore, He can’t be provoked to anger. This type of teaching makes children of God take the love of their heavenly Father for granted.

Having said this, we must also acknowledge the fact that His anger does not last forever. There is a condition though. When you don’t take God and His mercies for granted, and you genuinely turn away from your wickedness, He will DEAL with you as if you have never sinned before. Proverbs 28:13 says:

“He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.”

When God is angry with an individual, that fellow cannot know joy. Psalms 32:10 says:

“Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.”

Going by this scripture, every man born of a woman is doomed for sorrow until Jesus Christ redeems him from the curse of sin. Our trust in the work of redemption without taking the One who made it possible for granted, will bring us unspeakable joy. When our relationship is cordial with God, we can boldly say like the Psalmist; “weeping may endure for a night…” (Due to the variable nature of life) “…but joy cometh in the morning.”

When I first became General Overseer, anytime I returned from my missionary journeys, my wife would be eager to tell me about all the matters that needed my attention. After listening to them all, I would ask for my food and after the meal I would go to bed. My wife kept on wondering about my attitude. I had to explain to her the fact that joy will come in the morning because I was leaving everything to God while I sleep. Faithful is He who has promised us joy in the morning; it shall surely come.
Prayer Point:
Father, let my morning of joy come now.

Enjoy The Victory - Gloria Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Devotional

Welcome to Faith to Faith Daily Devotional written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Friday, 28 October 2016

TOPIC: Enjoy The Victory

Key Verse: But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ. - 1 Corinthians 15:57, The Amplified Bible

Victors! More than conquerors! That's what the Bible says we are. I know you've heard that many times before, but today I want you to let the reality of it really sink in. I want you to spend some time meditating about what those terms actually mean.

The dictionary says that victory means "final and complete supremacy or superiority in battle or war, success in any contest or struggling involving the defeat of an opponent or the overcoming of obstacles."

To conquer means "to get the better of in competition or struggle, to master, suppress, prevail over, overwhelm, surmount, to gain superiority, to subdue, to vanquish, to crush, to defeat."

Once you get those definitions firmly in mind, you'll realize in Jesus you've gotten much more than a ticket to heaven. You've gotten the best of the world you're living in now. Through Him, you've overcome it, mastered it, suppressed it and prevailed over it.

No wonder 1 Corinthians 15:57 shouts, thanks be to God Who gives us the victory, [making us conquerors] through our Lord Jesus Christ" (The Amplified Bible)!

Why don't you shout too! Shout thanks to God today for making you an overcomer. Praise Him that you are joined up with the One who has conquered the world, the flesh and the devil. Shout hallelujah and enjoy the victory!

Scripture Reading: Romans 8:29-39

The Necessity of Daily Spiritual Fire - Dr. Paul Enenche

Seed of Destiny Devotional

Welcome to Seed of Destiny Daily Devotional written by Dr. Paul Enenche

Friday, 28 October 2016

TOPIC: The Necessity of Daily Spiritual Fire

SCRIPTURE: And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out: and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order upon it; and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings. Leviticus 6:12

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Yesterday’s mantle cannot handle today’s battle.

The maintenance of a constant spiritual temperature is critical to a productive spiritual life. God has no stationary position for His children; Proverbs 4:18 says, the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. 
The ideal situation is to be progressively increasing in spiritual intensity.

The man of God, Smith Wigglesworth, who was powerfully used by God to raise twenty-three (23) dead people said, ‘It is a tragedy to remain on the same spiritual plane for two consecutive days.’ 

So, if you have stopped going forward, you have started going backward. Backsliding is not only backward motion into sin, but absence of forward motion into God. The secret of constant fire is appearing before God daily in worship and prayer; there is fresh fire and fresh bread for each day. The reason is that yesterday’s fire cannot handle today’s cold; yesterday’s bread cannot satisfy today’s hunger and yesterday’s mantle cannot handle today’s battle. Every new day requires new grace. Go before God daily and early to rekindle your fire; never allow your spiritual fire to go out.  

Remember this: Yesterday’s mantle cannot handle today’s battle.

1.Assess your current spiritual temperature; ensure it is growing on an exponential rate.
2.Become addicted to the atmosphere of God’s Presence.
3.Pray in tongues, for at least, one hour daily.  


PRAYER: O LORD, impart me with an unquenchable passion for Your Presence. Baptise me LORD with fresh fire, in Jesus’ Name.

DAILY READING: Jeremiah 51:54 to 52:34, Titus 3:1 to 15, Psalm 100:1 to 5, Proverbs 26:18 to 19

QUOTE: When fire is lacking, prayerlessness is established. Culled from a book by Dr Paul Enenche.

AMAZING FACT: While moms hunt, emperor penguin dads fast for weeks and protect their egg from the cold with a special flap of skin.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 28/10/1958 – John XXIII was elected Pope.

Genuine Love - Billy Graham

Billy Graham Daily Devotional

Welcome to Billy Graham Daily Devotional

Friday, 28 October 2016

TOPIC: Genuine Love

Bible Text: . . being knit together in love . . . - Colossians 2:2

                                                LOVE SYMBOL
Thousands of young couples go through with a loveless marriage because no one ever told them what genuine love is. I believe we need to read the 13th chapter of First Corinthians, in which the Apostle Paul gives us a definition of love. He says, “Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude.

Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.” If people today knew that kind of love, the divorce rate would be sharply reduced.

Prayer for the day:
Lord Jesus, we need Your love and forgiveness in our hearts, if we are to love unselfishly.