Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Kim Kardashian robbery: Paris police chief admits he had to GOOGLE her as more details are revealed


The star was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewellery after being tied up in her apartment

Paris' chief of police has admitted he had to GOOGLE Kim Kardashian's name as new information about her robbery ordeal has emerged.

Christian Sainte spoke to Vanity Fair Magazine about the reality TV star's terrifying night during Paris Fashion Week, during which she was held at gunpoint and tied up, before five masked men made off with millions of pounds worth of jewellery.

French residents have dubbed the robbery "L'Affaire Kardashian" or simply "Kim" and Sainte says he was woken up at 3am and told of the news.
"I asked my number two, 'Who is this victim?'" Sainte said, before typing her name in the search engine at home and learning everything about the mum-of-two.

"The personality of the victim, Kim Kardashian, is not like anyone else," he added. "She has a lot of likes on Facebook!"

Sainte talked to the mag about "home-jacking," robbing rich people in their homes which is fast and easy to get a lot of money, and says it's the first time he's seen robbers make off on bicycles.

Every morning, he has a conference with his policing team to find out the progress of their investigation and says he's confident they will find the criminals who were thought to have been caught on CCTV.
                                          Kim K diamond cross found after robbery, as she hires ex secret service for Presidential security
"We can say that there is a professional team that committed this crime, and they seem to be organised," he said.

Vanity Fair also spoke to fashion designer Christophe Guillarmé, who said there was a party hosted by a Brazilian beer company before the robbery at the No Address Hotel where Kim stayed, and guests were joking about her lack of security.

"Everybody was telling each other, 'Do you know there’s a Kardashian upstairs?'" he said. "It was like a joke, like she's upstairs while we are partying."

"There was no bodyguard at the front door, no bodyguard inside. There was a girl at the entrance, who asked, 'Are you coming to the party?' And if you said yes, she let you in."

- Mirror

Lady Gaga gives more than an eyeful with shocking wardrobe malfunction in tiny denim hotpants

                                 Lady Gaga gives more than an eyeful with shocking wardrobe malfunction in tiny denim hotpants

Lady Gaga might be steering clear of her eccentric style, but the star got it all wrong in a pair of tiny cut-offs that saw her flash everything.

Appearing to forgo underwear, Gaga was pictured leaving her apartment in the eye-watering denim shorts.

Gaga wore a tiny white pale bra beneath baby pink leather jacket, which she teamed with a pair of over-the-knee distressed denim boots.

Covering her eyes with a pair of aviator glasses, Gaga also rocked an oversized fedora to match her jacket.
                                           Lady Gaga
But the star could not protect her modesty in the super short shorts.

Earlier in the day, the native New Yorker was pictured visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park, where she lay flowers and kissed the 'Imagine' tribute to John Lennon as a mark of respect while wearing a pale pink skirt and matching crop top.

EBOLA VIRUS: Texas nurse who contracted Ebola settles hospital lawsuit


A Texas nurse who contracted Ebola while treating a patient has settled a lawsuit against the hospital where she became infected.

The diagnosis of Nina Pham was the first known transmission of the disease in the United States. The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas nurse sued its parent company, Texas Health Resources, in March 2015, accusing it of failing to adequately prepare her to treat Ebola and violating her privacy.

"Texas Health Resources and Ms. Pham have resolved the pending lawsuit, and wish the best for each other going forward," the parties said in a joint statement.

"All parties have agreed the terms of the resolution are confidential and will not make additional statements or grant media interviews."

Pham and another nurse contracted Ebola in October 2014 after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who started showing symptoms after arriving in Dallas from Liberia.

Pham wore a mask, gown, shield and gloves, but it wasn't enough. Two days after Duncan died, Pham was diagnosed, despite assurances from her employer that she was at no risk for Ebola and could "freely" see friends and family, the lawsuit contends.

Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a breach in protocol was to blame for the infection. Pham alleged that the hospital was at fault for disregarding warnings about the disease and failing to provide her with necessary protective equipment or training for treating Ebola.

Because the hospital initially discharged Duncan when he arrived seeking treatment, it hurt his chances of beating the virus, the lawsuit said.

"I was hoping that THR would be more open and honest about everything that happened at the hospital, and the things they didn't do that led to me getting infected with Ebola," Pham said in 2015. "But that didn't happen, and I felt I was left with no choice but to turn to the courts for help."

After her diagnosis, Pham claimed that the hospital violated her privacy by sharing details of her condition and took advantage of public sympathy for her in marketing and social media campaigns.

Pham and another nurse, Amber Vinson, were cleared after being treated in hospitals specially equipped and staffed to handle Ebola, Pham at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland, and Vinson at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

When she filed the lawsuit in 2015, Pham said she was still experiencing fatigue and body aches. It was unclear whether the effects were from the disease or experimental drugs for treatment, her lawyer said.

She also worried that the stigma of being the "Ebola nurse" could have lasting impact on her career.

"Professionally, she doubts whether she can ever be a critical care nurse again -- in part because of the emotional stress and anxiety over the trauma she experienced and in part because of the fear and stigma that follows her," the lawsuit said.

It is unclear whether she has resumed working. She did not immediately respond Monday to requests for comment.

Kendall Jenner’s Stalker Convicted of Trespassing

                                 Kendall Jenner Rocks Vintage Tee

In August, Kendal Jenner called the police when a man began following her up her driveway. Now, her alleged stalker is facing justice.

TMZ reports:

Kendall Jenner can only breathe a very small sigh of relief … the man accused of following her up her driveway has been convicted of trespassing — but got off on the stalking charge.

Shavaughn McKenzie’s verdict just came in … and the partial verdict is troublesome to the famous Kardashian.

Here’s the problem … McKenzie will almost certain [sic] get probation for trespassing … the less serious of the 2 charges. And, he seems obsessed with Kendall.
As we previously reported, Kendall did get a five-year restraining order against McKenzie. Hopefully, for the reality star and her family’s sake, this is the end of this troubling case.

TRAGEDY: Bride-to-be Victoria Hallan and her mother in coffins on Her Wedding Day (photos)

23-year-old Victoria Hallan and her mother, 50, died in a fatal accident along the Jalingo-Bauchi expressway on October 12th, just 4 days before her wedding slated for October 15th.

They were laid to rest on the day that was supposed wedding day 15/10/2016 at the Christian Cemetary in Kagadam, Bauchi.
Victoria, National Diploma graduate of Science Laboratory Technology from Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, her mother Naomi Hallan and friend Roseline were heading to Bauch State to put finishing touches to her wedding when the vehicle they were traveling in suffered a burst tyre.


Taylor Swift left 'frantic and distressed' after alleged sexual assault during a meet-and-greet

Taylor Swift 2015

The singer has given a videotaped deposition in a lawsuit against DJ David Mueller

Taylor Swift felt "frantic and distressed" after allegedly being groped.

The 26-year-old singer has an ongoing lawsuit against DJ David Mueller, who she accused of grabbing her bum when they met backstage at her concert in Colorado last year, and while a judge has agreed to make pictures of the alleged incident sealed from public view, her videotaped deposition has now been made available.

In the deposition, which was filmed on July 26th, the Blank Space' singer was asked to recount the incident in detail and spoke about her embarrassment and discomfort.

She said: "I remember being frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experienced before.

"A meet-and-greet is supposed to be a situation where you're thanking people for coming, you're supposed to be welcoming people into your home, which is the arena for that day, and for someone to violate that hospitality in that way, I was completely stunned."

And Taylor insisted the DJ's conduct proved his behaviour was "completely intentional.

She said: "Right as the moment came for us to pose for the photo, he took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my ass cheek and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there.

"It was completely intentional, I've never been so sure of anything in my life."

Last year Mueller - who denies the claims of groping - filed a lawsuit against Taylor, claiming he was fired from a country radio station after being kicked out of a Taylor concert when her security team made the allegations against him.

He said he and his girlfriend were invited backstage to meet Taylor and took a picture with the 'Wildest Dreams' hitmaker, but claims he later bumped into a colleague backstage, who boasted about getting a picture with the singer and grabbed her bum.
                                       Taylor Swift 2016

In the lawsuit, David claims at some point in the evening a member of Taylor's security team confronted him and kicked him out of the arena for the incident.

Taylor later launched a counter-claim, saying she was "surprised, upset, offended, and alarmed" by the alleged assault.

According to TMZ, Taylor's lawyers asked that the "extremely personal and sensitive" pictures of the alleged assault be sealed and their request was granted.

The judge said: "The widespread dissemination of this image might significantly complicate jury selection."Taylor said that any money made from the lawsuit will be "dedicated to protecting women from similar acts of sexual assault and personal disregard".


Federal Government wants NIPOST to offer banking services

The Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu, says the ministry has submitted a proposal to President Muhammadu Buhari for the establishment of the NIPOST Bank to serve the interest of people in the rural areas.

He said over 1,500 postal agencies across the country would serve as banking halls in the proposed NIPOST Bank.

The minister, who spoke in Ibadan, said the ongoing reform of the Nigerian Postal Services would require legislative intervention to reposition the agency to meet the 21st century standard.

He said the reform would expand the mandate of NIPOST.

He said, “I have submitted this to the President who has mandated the Attorney General of the Federation to look into it. We may have to wait for the amendment of the Postal Service Bill.

“But if the AGF feels we can go ahead without the legislature’s permission, we will go on and expand the service. I hope that before the end of this year, we will be able to implement some of the visions.”

He added, “We are thinking of establishing a bank that will have branches in all the 1,500 agencies across Nigeria. Right now, banks are not in half of the council areas of Nigeria. They are only concentrated in centres of the cities with high commercial activities. A lot of people living in the rural areas are excluded from the financial services that banks offer.

“We want to use the postal agencies as banking hall also, where financial transactions can be done so that people in the city can transfer money to their loved ones in the rural areas using the postal agencies.”

The minister said that people in the rural areas would be able to save money in the bank created by the vision and pay for goods bought from the cities, noting that jobs would be created in the process.

“This innovation will require new workers and a new management structure to operate,” Shittu said.

Video: Man tries to reverse his impounded car, watch this it will shock you

Photos/Video: Man tries to reverse his impounded car, then this happens

A man identified as Arthur is being mocked on social media after he attempted to reverse his impounded car off the back of a tow truck.

Arthur, who appears to have had his car impounded by law enforcement officials, was captured on camera as he decided he wasn't keen on paying to have his vehicle returned, instead, he hopped into the driver's seat as the car was on the back of the lorry and tried to take it away.

The footage shows him throw the car into reverse and accelerate in a bid to get free - but when the chains attached to the car's axles eventually yields, the car jolts free only to get wedged on the corner of the tow truck.
Photos/Video: Man tries to reverse his impounded car, then this happens

Photos/Video: Man tries to reverse his impounded car, then this happens

Photos/Video: Man tries to reverse his impounded car, then this happens

Former President Goodluck Jonathan speaks on corruption war


Former president Goodluck Jonathan gave a speech at the Oxford Union of the University of Oxford today, October 24.

Speaking on corruption, Jonathan said he would not like to interfere with the legal processes being that several matters are pending in court.

According to him, his administration reformed the institutions and introduced various mechanisms to stop the corruption problems in the country without publicizing it.

HEALTH: Women 'nearing equality with men - in alcohol consumption'

Women have all but caught up with men at knocking back alcohol, a global study of drinking habits shows.

The analysis of 4 million people, born between 1891 and 2001, showed that men used to be far more likely to drink and have resulting health problems.

But the current generation have pretty much closed the gap, the BMJ Open report says.

The changing roles of men and women in society partly explain the move towards boozing parity.

The study showed that in people born in the early 1900s, men were:

More than twice as likely as women to drink alcohol at all (2.2 times)

Three times as likely to drink to problematic levels

And 3.6 times as likely to develop health problems from drinking, such as liver cirrhosis

But over the ensuing decades, the gap closed so that for those born at the end of the century men were only:

A smidge - 1.1 times - as likely as women to drink alcohol at all

A much lower 1.2 times as likely to drink to problematic levels

And 1.3 times as likely to develop health problems from drinking

The team at the University of New South Wales, in Australia, analysed data from people all over the world - although it was massively skewed towards North America and Europe.

They concluded: "Alcohol use and alcohol-use disorders have historically been viewed as a male phenomenon.

"The present study calls this assumption into question and suggests that young women, in particular, should be the target of concerted efforts to reduce the impact of substance use and related harms."

Prof Mark Petticrew, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said: "Men's and women's roles have been changing over the decades, this is likely to account for some of these trends - but not all.

"The increasing availability of alcohol also plays an IMPORTANT part, as does the way that alcohol marketing is often targeted specifically at women and particularly young women.

"Health professionals need to help the public - both men and women - to understand the health risks of alcohol consumption, and how to reduce those risks."

Nollywood goddess Genevieve shared lovely photo of Stephanie and her son Maxwell

Nollywood Actress Genevieve shared lovely photo of Stephanie and her son Maxwell

Celebrity and family life seem good on the Nollywood celebrity Stephanie Linus. She is been enjoying her marriage since gotten in to it unlike other actress. In the photo Genevieve shared, is Stephanie and her son maxwell. Check out ! Isn't it good?

PHOTOS: Khloe Kardashian strips down to her bra and flashes her b**bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked

                                  Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian shocked big sister Kim with her “very inappropriate” antics as she paraded around in a bra while her sister’s EX Scott Disick looked on.

                                 Khloe Kardashian str!ps down to her bra and flashes her b@.0bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked

The scene which was from a season 12’s mid-season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians which was shot before Kim Kardashian’s terrifying Paris robbery ordeal shows Khloe experimenting with her bra cup in front of Scott saying she is thinking of having breast implants and when Kim told her, her actions were inappropriate, she responded by shaking her B**bs at Scott, who has dated Kourtney, for nearly a decade.

As Khloe experiments with various types of boob enhancers and paddings, Kim says: “That’s all you’ve ever wanted, is cleavage. You would never go that big, would you?”

Later Kim, 36, tells the camera:

”Khloe looks beautiful no matter what. I love small boobs but I’ve always had big boobs. I think Khloe doesn’t get how hard it is to work out when you have really big boobs bouncing around everywhere.”
Khloe Kardashian str!ps down to her bra and flashes her b@.0bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked

                                Khloe Kardashian str!ps down to her bra and flashes her b@.0bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked

                               Khloe Kardashian str!ps down to her bra and flashes her b@.0bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked

                              Khloe Kardashian str!ps down to her bra and flashes her b@.0bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked

                              Khloe Kardashian str!ps down to her bra and flashes her b@.0bs at Kourtney’s ex, leaving Kim K shocked


Open Heavens Daily Devotional: Monday, 24 October 2016

Welcome to Open Heavens Daily Devotional written by Pastor E.A Adeboye

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Memorise: For thy Maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; the God of the whole earth shall he be called. Isaiah 54:5

Read: Hosea 2:2-5 (KJV)

2 Plead with your mother, plead: for she is not my wife, neither am I her husband: let her therefore put away her whoredoms out of her sight, and her adulteries from between her breasts;

3 Lest I strip her naked, and set her as in the day that she was born, and make her as a wilderness, and set her like a dry land, and slay her with thirst.

4 And I will not have mercy upon her children; for they be the children of whoredoms.

5 For their mother hath played the harlot: she that conceived them hath done shamefully: for she said, I will go after my lovers, that give me my bread and my water, my wool and my flax, mine oil and my drink.

Bible in one year: Micah 5-7, Psalms 87

The relationship between God and his human creatures could be likened to the relationship between a husband and his wife. God, who instituted marriage, patterned the relationship in marriage after His relationship with His people. This is why spiritual adultery is severely punished from time to time in the history of man and his interaction with his Maker.

“And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and served Baalim….And they forsook the Lord, and served Baal and Ashtaroth. And the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel, and he delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them, and he sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before enemies.” - Judges 2:11, 13-14

God is jealous, like a man could be jealous over the relationship of his wife with another man, when his human creatures follow other gods besides Him (Exodus 20:5). The spiritual adultery which the children of Israel committed is vividly illustrated in the relationship between Hosea and Gomer his professional harlot-turned wife. The patience of Hosea with Gomer who was always going back to her whoredom like a dog that goes back to its vomit also illustrates God’s patience with His people who court with the people of the world. The bond becomes stronger when someone at the altar of repentance, betroths himself or herself to Jesus Christ, the original Bridegroom. The Bible says:

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If an any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” - 1st John 2:15

Our Lord Jesus Christ also said that our love cannot be possibly shared between God and ephemeral things of this world. He said:

“No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” - Luke 16:13

Serving God and mammon is spiritual adultery, punishable by rejection and shame. The Bible says: 

“Plead with your mother, plead: for she is not my wife neither am I her husband: let her therefore put away her whoredoms out of her sight, and her adulteries from between her breasts. Lest I strip her naked, and set her as in the day that she was born, and make her as a wilderness, an set her like a dry land, and slay her with thirst.” - Hosea 2:2-3

Beloved, beware of spiritual adultery. Stick to Jesus Christ. The Lover of your soul and He will do you good. 

Prayer Point:
Father, please forgive me of any spiritual adultery I might have committed against You and our spiritual matrimony. For Christ’s sake, please do not reject me.

Romance: Mikel Obi's babymama, Olga shared lovely sefie

Mikel Obi and his babymama, Olga

Olga shared the photo on social media this afternoon. Well if you ask me I will say there is something strong in between them. Mikel Obi is a young and handsome guy soooo.....



Welcome to Billy Graham Daily Devotional

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Bible Text: Wait on the Lord, be of good courage . . . - Psalm 27:14

Discouragement is nothing new. Many of the great Bible characters became discouraged. Moses in the Sinai desert; Elijah when he heard Jezebel was searching for him to take his life; and David when his son Absalom rebelled against him. It is as old as the history of man.

There is often a cause for discouragement. It comes many times when we don’t get our way, when things don’t work out the way we want them to. Discouragement is the opposite of faith. It is Satan’s device to thwart the work of God in your life. Discouragement blinds our eyes to the mercy of God and makes us perceive only the unfavorable circumstances.

I have never met anyone who spent time in daily prayer, and in the study of the Word of God, and was strong in faith, who was ever discouraged for very long.

Prayer for the day:
Lord, when I am discouraged, take away the blindness of my wavering faith. You are with me always. Forgive my ungrateful heart.

Dozens confirmed dead in Quetta police college attack

                                 Pakistani army soldiers enter the Balochistan Police Training College in Quetta on October 24, 2016, after militants attacked the police academy.
At least 48 cadets and guards have been killed after militants attacked a police college in the Pakistani city of Quetta, officials say.

A major security operation lasted for hours after the attackers entered the building and opened fire.

Officials say three militants wearing suicide bomb vests stormed the college - all three were killed.

Hundreds of trainees were evacuated from Balochistan Police College as troops arrived to repel the militants.

Pakistan's army and the paramilitary Frontier Corps took part in the military counter-operation, which Balochistan provincial home minister Mir Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti said was now over.

"I saw three men in camouflage whose faces were hidden carrying Kalashnikovs," one cadet said according to AFP news agency. "They started firing and entered the dormitory but I managed to escape over a wall." The police academy is home to about 600 students.

Two of the militants died after detonating their bomb vests and one was killed by security forces, he said.

Many of the cadets were killed by the blasts, said Major General Sher Afgan of the Frontier Corps.

Medics take an injured police cadet to Quetta hospital. Photo: 24 October 2016

                               Medics take an injured police cadet to Quetta hospital. Photo: 24 October 2016

He blamed a faction of the Lashker-e-Jhangvi militant group and said the attackers "were in communication with operatives in Afghanistan".

No group has so far said it was behind the attack, which happened late on Monday. At least three explosions were reported at the scene by local media.

There was intermittent exchange of fire between the attackers and security forces for several hours, according to Dawn newspaper. There were also reports of a hostage situation.

More than 100 people, mostly trainees, were injured.

                                Pakistani army soldiers walk in a line at the Balochistan Police Training College in Quetta on October 24, 2016, after militants attacked the police academy

Earlier in the day, two customs officers were shot dead and another critically wounded in Surab, south of Quetta.

Quetta is the provincial capital of Balochistan, where separatist groups and Islamist militants have both carried out similar attacks in the past.

In August, 88 people were killed in separate bomb attacks targeting a hospital and lawyers in Quetta.

The Pakistani military has been conducting military operations against militants in volatile tribal areas near the Afghan border.

Get Rid of the Frogs - Kenneth Copeland


Welcome to Faith to Faith Daily Devotional written by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

TOPIC: Get Rid of the Frogs

Key Verse: When shall I intreat for thee, and for thy servants, and for thy people, to destroy the frogs from thee and thy houses? - Exodus 8:9

Have you ever wrestled with one of those problems that stubbornly refuses to go away? It seems to be immune to all solutions. You swat at the thing in every conceivable way, but instead of being eliminated, it expands and multiplies until it's wildly out of control.

An Egyptian pharaoh faced just that kind of problem, the Bible tells us, thousands of years ago. He was in a hot dispute with God over the future of the Israelites, and as a result of that dispute, he woke up one morning to find his country swarming with frogs. Slimy, smelly, hopping-all-over-the-place frogs.

It was a serious problem. I'm not talking about a frog or two in the front yard. I mean frogs were everywhere—in their beds, on their tables. Big old frogs in the ovens. Little bitty frogs in the bread dough and the drinking water. Frogs. Frogs in your hair. Frogs in places you wouldn't even want to think about!

Then God made a move. He sent His man Moses in to Pharaoh to ask, "When shall I entreat the Lord to get these frogs out of here?"

Do you know what Pharaoh said?


Can you imagine that? He could have said, "Right now! Today!" But instead he decided he'd spend one more night among the frogs.

You say, "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Why in the world would he say tomorrow?" I don't know. Probably for the same reason you want to wait until tomorrow to get saved or healed or prosperous.

Here's what I want you to notice. When Moses asked Pharaoh that question and he answered, "Tomorrow," Moses said, "All right. So that you know there's a God in heaven, be it done according to your words."

Let me ask you this: How long are you willing to let that persisting problem harass you? When are you going to get rid of the frogs in your life? Do you realize they'll stay around as long as you'll let them? They'll be there until you finally make a quality decision to go with the Word of God and get them out.

Why don't you do it today?

Scripture Reading: Exodus 8:1-13

Indian Movies in Every Nigerian Home

Indians have taken over the majority of Nigerians who love watching movies. With the help of Zee world, TV channel of DSTV, it has made it easier for Nigerians to stay glue to their TV set watching Bollywood soaps such as King of Hearts, Sacred ties, Destiny, forbidden love, etc.

It took more than time for Indians to repackage and captivate the mind of Nigerians and other Africans. More of the popular Indian soap opera
Zee world

Zee world

Zee world

Zee world


Daily Manna Devotional: Prove It - Monday, 24 October 2016

Welcome to DCLM Daily Manna Devotional written by Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Tuesday, 25 October 2016                              


Bible Text: Song of Solomon 6:1-13

Key Verse: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine; he feedeth among the lilies" (Song of Solomon 6:3).

In God's divine plan for marriage, He abhors unfaithfulness. The Holy Scripture says, "marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled". In this series of Solomon's love songs, through divine inspiration, he revealed the very heart of God. In the passage today, in a poetic manner, he imagined what a woman could have said to her beloved: and vice versa. 

Solomon was eminently qualified to speak on love, nay, the downside of multiple relationships. He had many women — legitimately and otherwise; but he had great regrets and later confessed that, "All is vanity and vexation of spirit" (Ecclesiastes 1:14). Although Solomon used the romantic interaction between a groom and his bride, drawing the closeness that must exist in a God- controlled union, he was, however, painting a picture of the type of relationship that should exist between our Lord Jesus Christ (the Groom) and believers (the bride). 

As the writer uses "perfect love" to describe what should exist between a couple, believers should therefore be reminded of their commitment to their marital vows, and must cherish their spouses even as Christ cherishes His bride. Our homes must always radiate the true essence of Christian union.

Every genuine believer must appreciate and treat his/her spouse with utmost respect and lavish him/her with the conviviality that promotes peace and unity in the home. It is totally against the will of God for believers to abandon their spouses and begin to lavish love on others outside the union. They must be bonded in their homes.

Thought for the day: God, give us a Christian home.

Bible Reading in one Year: Jeremiah 10-12



Welcome to Seed of Destiny Devotional written by Dr. Paul Enenche

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


SCRIPTURE: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Anywhere the revelation of God’s Word is available, faith is alive.

Faith is a living seed that has the ability to grow (Luke 17:6). It has been proven that every seed requires the right environment for growth. In the same manner, faith requires the right environment for growth.

One of the right environments for the growth of seed is where light is available. Every seed needs sunlight for growth. Plants are green because they utilise the sunlight in a process called photosynthesis where carbon (iv) oxide, water, and chlorophyll are combined with sunlight to produce carbohydrate and oxygen. It is not possible for plants to be green and alive in the absence of sunlight.

In the same vein, faith is a living seed and the light of faith is the revelation of God’s Word. Anywhere the revelation of God’s Word is available, faith is alive. If your faith must grow, it must receive constant ‘revelational’ light. Just like plants cannot do without sunlight, faith cannot do without constant revelation of God’s Word.

So, if you desire to live in Divine health, graces, financial prosperity etc. as you study God’s Word, trust Him to give you light that will grow your faith in those aspects.

Remember this: Anywhere the revelation of God’s Word is available, faith is alive.

1.Study the Word of God daily to grow your faith.
2.Trust God for ‘revelational’ light as you listen to or study the Word of God.
3.Believe every Word God has spoken concerning your life; never doubt or analyse it.


PRAYER: O LORD, open my eyes to the transforming light in Your Word. Cause me to be addicted to Your Word and let my faith know no bound, in Jesus’ Name.

DAILY READING: Jeremiah 48:1 to 49:22, 2 Timothy 4:1 to 22, Psalm 95:1 to 96:13, Proverbs 26:9 to 12

QUOTE: Anyone who does not take the Bible serious can never operate with faith. Such a person negotiates everything God says. Culled from 15 KINGDOM STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL by Dr Paul Enenche.

AMAZING FACT: A sea lion is the first non-human mammal with a proven ability to keep a beat.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 25/10/1962 – Nelson Mandela was sentenced to five years in prison.