Sunday, 2 October 2016

Tears flow at dozens of people in deadly stampede at Ethiopia protest

Dozens have been killed and injured in Ethiopia's Oromia region after security forces confronted protesters at a festival, witnesses say.

Some people died in a panicked stampede after police employed tear gas, rubber bullets and baton charges, they said.

Thousands had gathered for a religious festival in Bishoftu, 40km (25 miles) from the capital Addis Ababa.

Some reports said police responded after anti-government protesters threw stones and bottles.

Others said demonstrators were entirely peaceful.

Ethiopia's government said 52 people were killed in the stampede.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn blamed "evil forces" for the deaths in a national address on state TV.

He said rioters had caused "pre-planned mayhem" that led people to fall to their deaths in ravines. He vowed to bring to justice those responsible.

The prime minister denied reports that the security forces had opened fire, and praised their "great efforts" to protect the public.

An Oromo activist, Jawar Mohamed, was earlier quoted as saying that nearly 300 people had been killed and many more injured. He said troops and a helicopter gunship had opened fire, driving people off a cliff and into a lake.

There has been a series of deadly clashes in Ethiopia in recent months.

People in the Oromia and Amhara regions have complained about political and economic marginalisation.

The US has expressed concern about what it termed the excessive use of force against protesters.

Crowds at Sunday's Oromo festival, which AP news agency said had attracted two million people, chanted "We need freedom" and "We need justice", witnesses said.

Some participants crossed their wrists above their heads, a gesture that has become a symbol of Oromo protests.

The unrest was sparked last November by a plan to expand the capital into Oromia. This led to fears that farmers from the Oromo ethnic group, the largest in Ethiopia, would be displaced.

The plan was later dropped but protests continued, highlighting issues such as marginalisation and human rights.

The Man That Nigerians Need In Time Like This


Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife Dame Patience were spotted arriving at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, today, October 2. They were received by the chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Rivers State Amb. Sukubo Saraigbe Sukubo and other dignitaries.








English Premier League Results

Sunday, 2 October 2016
Burnley FCBurnley
0 - 1
Arsenal FCArsenal
Leicester City FCLeicester City
0 - 0
Southampton FCSouthampton
Manchester United FCManchester United
1 - 1
Stoke City FCStoke City
Tottenham Hotspur FCTottenham Hotspur
2 - 0
Manchester City FCManchester City

Unbelievable!!! 103-year old woman votes early for Hillary Clinton

103-year old woman votes early for Hillary Clinton
At age 103, Ruline Steininger feels that she has little time to waste.

That’s why on Thursday, Steininger became one of the first people in her state to vote in person for Hillary Clinton for president, taking one step closer to fulfilling her wish of being alive if Clinton makes history in November.

In a brief backstage meeting with Clinton, to which CNN was given exclusive access, Steininger told the Democratic nominee: “We’re going to put you in the White House.”

“I’m going to help all the way. I’m voting today,” said Steininger, who came prepared with a handmade “Hillary” sign attached to the front of her walker. “I’m not taking any chance and leaving it ’til the election. When you’re 103, you make every minute count.”

“And you have made every minute of all those years count,” Clinton responded.
Steininger also congratulated Clinton on her first debate against Donald Trump this week. “You did very well,” she said.

Clinton’s VISIT to the Hawkeye State on Thursday was aimed at promoting the first day of in-person voting in the state. The campaign sees early voting as a critical part of earning support in battleground states, and plans to organize more events to encourage voters cast their ballots ahead of November 8th.

That Steininger was able to vote in the 2016 presidential election holds historical significance of its own. A former schoolteacher, Steininger was born in 1913 before the first World War — an era when women were not allowed to vote.

With a passion for politics, Steininger has voted in every single election since 1936, when she first cast her ballot for Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In February, Steininger cast her ballot for Clinton on the night of the Iowa caucuses.
“I’ve got a big job ahead of me … I’ve got to live!” she said at the time. “After that, OK, I can die if I want to, but I’m going to live until she’s elected.”

Overwhelmed by the possibility of Clinton becoming the country’s first female president, Steininger wrote a letter to the former secretary of state earlier this year.

“In my first century of life, I’ve seen many incredible things” she wrote. “A pandemic, two worldwide depressions, a cure for polio, the first Catholic president, a man on the moon, the end of smallpox, an attack on American soil, and a black president. In my second century, I look forward to seeing a woman president.”

Speaking to supporters here Thursday afternoon, Clinton called out to Steininger sitting in the crowd.
“I am so grateful for her support,” Clinton said. “It’s a great honor to have Ruline supporting me. I am so pleased and she’s going to go vote early today to make sure her vote counts.”

Global oil price returns to $50 per barrel

Crude Oil Price
Global oil benchmark, Brent crude, extended its rally on Sunday to hit the $50 per barrel mark, the third time this year.

Oil prices have been on an uptrend since the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries decided to cut output for the first time in eight years.

Brent, against which half of the world’s oil is priced, had risen to around $48 per barrel on Wednesday after OPEC agreed to reduce production, compared to $45 earlier that day.

It stood at $50.19 per barrel as of 4.53pm Nigerian time on Sunday, up from around $49.66 per barrel on Thursday.

OPEC agreed to cut production to a range of 32.5 million barrels per day to 33 million bpd from around 33.5 million bpd.

The 14-member oil cartel said the move was aimed accelerating the ongoing drawdown of the stock overhang and bringing the rebalancing forward.

It took into account current market conditions and immediate prospects and concluded that it is not advisable to ignore the potential risk that the present stock overhang may continue to weigh negatively well into the future, with a worsening impact on producers, consumers and the industry.

OPEC decided to establish a high-level committee, comprising representatives of member countries, supported by the OPEC Secretariat, to study and recommend the implementation of the production level of the member countries.

It said the committee would develop a framework of high-level consultations between OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries, including identifying risks and taking pro-active measures that would ensure a balanced oil market on a sustainable basis, to be considered at the November OPEC Conference.

Brent had on August 18 hit a high of $50.69 per barrel amid expectations of a possible freeze in production levels.

Many OPEC members, including Nigeria, have been hurt badly by a collapse in oil prices over the last two years. While some Gulf oil exporters have very low output costs, other producers such as Iran and Venezuela need oil prices above $100 to balance their budgets.

Brent crude had on June 8 climbed by as much as 2.1 per cent to touch $52.54, the highest price since last October.

But it later fell to as low as $43 on July 27 after official United States energy data showed an unexpected glut of oil in storage.

Oil prices had rallied from lows of under $28 per barrel in January to trade above the $50 per barrel mark in June, spurred by a string of international oil production outages in the second quarter that offered temporary respite from the global glut.

Angelina Jolie: Kids ‘Devastated’ Over Split & Begging Her To Reunite With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie: Kids ‘Devastated’ Over Split & Begging Her To Reunite With Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s split has been tough to endure, especially for their six adorable children. The kids are absolutely ‘devastated’ about their family being in shambles, begging her to reunite with their father.

Things are still getting sorted between Brad Pitt, 52, and his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, 41. They’ve reportedly reached a temporary custody agreement, where she will have sole physical custody, and Brad will have visitation under the supervision of a therapist, but this hasn’t exactly been easy for the Jolie-Pitt brood. “The kids are devastated and confused about why their parents are suddenly apart,” a source reveals. “They are all nagging Angelina to get back together with their dad and have everything be back to normal.” So sad.

Angelina filed for divorce from her beau of twelve years on Sept. 19, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Child abuse reports later surfaced indicating that the Allied actor allegedly got physical with Maddox, 15, during a recent flight home from France. Even so, Angie is now reportedly insisting that he doesn’t face criminal charges and she’s even willing to go radio silent if need be! Brad is currently being investigated by the Department of Child and Family Services, but she has no interest in punishing him as her goal is just to keep their family safe and well.

Brad is also reportedly submitting to random drug tests, which he agreed to with no pause. Despite all the drama between the former power couple, who met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith back in 2004, Brad still cherishes her for the magical memories they’ve shared. “He’s still in love with Angie,” a source previously said. “He’s in zero rush to start another relationship, and has no interest in a rebound type thing.” Even if they don’t rekindle their romance, we’re guessing Brangelina will find a way to do what’s best for their kids.

NOLLYWOOD: Actress Chika Ike rocks it green at Oriental Hotel


Nollywood Actress and Producer, Chika Ike wore her green pretty outfit to lamodemag's event that took place at Oriental Hotel yesterday. Though she was in the spirit of independence. More photos after my style.


Makeup by. oluchi Onuigbo
Dress Styled and Designed By: Yomscollection

PHOTOS: Lauren Pope flaunts her killer abs in white swimsuit on her birthday

Celebrity news

Celebrity Corner: Lauren Pope has been raising the temperature even more in Ibiza as she flashed her gym-honed figure in a revealing new selfie.

The former TOWIE star posed for a pic in a white cut-out swimsuit and looked body confident with her incredible abs on show on Friday.
Celebrity News

Celebrity news
Lauren Pope celebrated her birthday this weekend

Lauren, 36, can be seen in the pic holding her white phone up to a bathroom mirror in her hotel while running her fingers through her wavy blonde hair.

A photo posted by Lauren Pope (@laurenpopey) on

Maggots continue dropping out of a sick woman's private part (Photo)

Beauty faded away

A sick woman named Iya Toheeb, with maggots dropping continuously from her private parts reportedly arrived her village for assistance but what happened next, is surprising as people gather round to really view how it's dropping, the woman who's sickness is believed to come from money ritual is from Olakula area of Idiroko in Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State on Wednesday.

It was thought that she might have been a victim of money-making ritual after her condition allegedly defied orthodox medication.

The woman was also brought to one of the men she was associated with, a carpenter in the community. Of the reason for bringing the afflicted woman to the man, a source at the scene who asked not to be named, said:
“The woman was brought to the carpenter who was her former husband. Her family members believed that the man may be responsible for her worsening condition that defied treatment in hospital where she was admitted for months.
Doctors were said to have advised her relatives to seek alternative medicine to her ill-health because it had gone beyond the purview of orthodox medicine.’’
Another source, who did not want her name in print, told TheNation:
 “The woman had dated different men in the past and it is believed that she may have been used for money-making ritual going by what we heard from those who know her.
“She has no wound in her private part yet maggots keep dropping from her sexual organ and that sends a signal that there is more to her problem than meets the eye, particularly since doctors have asked her relatives to seek help from native doctors for solution to her problem.”
It was learnt that the carpenter, whose real name could not be ascertained at press time, made remarks that suggested the woman was being punished for her promiscuity, after which the woman’s family members decided to bring her to him for possible solution to her predicament. The carpenter reportedly fled before the arrival of TheNation's correspondent.

At the scene, sympathisers helped spread a sack on the car seat on which the woman sat when the maggots continued to drop even as a stench emanating from her body fouled the air.
“This is what my beauty has done to me o,” said the woman shortly before being taken away by her family members.

VIOLENCE: Man beats wife white and black over missing money


The police in Lagos State have declared a certain Babatunde Igbara of Azeez Olaosebikan Street, Agege, wanted, over alleged battery of his wife. The man reportedly bartered his 38-year-old woman, Gbemisola Igbara, in the presence of their four children until her eyes became swollen.

Punch reports that Babatunde had approached the victim on Monday morning, two days after he was released on bail from the Kirikiri prison, alleging that she took the N2,000 he kept in the room.

He was said to have accused her of stealing the money and resorted to violence when she refuted the allegation.

Gbemisola told newsmen that the 12-year-old marriage had been turbulent since the man returned from prison.

She said,;

“I was very weak that morning because of the stress I passed through to secure his bail from the prison over a land matter.

“He woke me up and asked if I took N2,000 from his clothes. I said no. When he continued to accuse me, I asked him why he thought I would steal his money when I spent over N20,000 and borrowed money from friends to facilitate his release.

“I told him to stop disturbing me. He then started punching me in the face and my eyes became swollen. My children begged him, but he refused. It was our neighbours who rescued me from him. I am fed up; but I don’t want to pack out because of my children,” she said.

Gbemisola explained that a similar incident happened about a year ago and she reported to the police at the Ile Epo division.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, has not reacted to the incident at the moment.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's 'Great Repeal Bill' to let Britain axe EU laws


Theresa May is to give the UK our own EUIndependence Day.

And it could now come in less than two years.

The PM will announce she will grab back control of all EU laws in one stroke in a Great Repeal Bill.

It means that all EU legislation affecting Britain will instantly be turned into British laws the day we exit. More

Why Nigeria Independence dove refused to fly in the hands of President Buhari?

Nigeria Independence dove refused to fly in the hands of Buhari

A Facebook user shared the below post on his page and generated a lot of concern and comments.
Read below;

2015 dove refused to fly
2016 dove refused to fly

 For the second year running the dove refuses to fly

Why are the doves refusing to fly?
Father mbaka that used to see vision when doves refuse to fly has suddenly lost his sight and voice

US ELECTION: Trump ramps up attacks on Clinton, In search of rebound

US Election
UNITED STATES - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump closed out a rough week for his campaign on Saturday by escalating personal attacks on Democrat Hillary Clinton, questioning her stamina and saying she should be in prison for her handling of classified emails.

After a week in which he drew wide criticism for a public feud with a former beauty queen, Trump sought to rebound with a highly negative attack on his opponent in the Nov. 8 election, with a second presidential debate against her looming in a week.

At the same time, the New York Times reported it had obtained records showing Trump declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a deduction so large that it may have allowed him to avoid paying any federal income taxes for years.

Trump has refused to release his tax records, saying he is under a federal audit.

At a rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, Trump said he did not believe Clinton, who suffered a bout of pneumonia last month, was up to the task of being president. He tried to resurrect a tactic he employed against former Republican rival Jeb Bush, who Trump had derided as "low energy."

Clinton kept her pneumonia diagnosis private until she was seen nearly collapsing while getting into her vehicle at a ceremony marking the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York.

Ticking off a list of world problems, Trump said, "She's supposed to fight all of these things and she can’t make it 15 feet to her car. Give me a break."

"Folks, we need stamina, we need energy, we need people who are going to turn deals around," Trump said.

Trump has often told crowds who chant "lock her up" over her use of a private email server as U.S. secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 to instead help him defeat her.

But on Saturday, Trump told thousands of supporters that Clinton's handling of classified emails and destroying of 33,000 emails that she had deemed of a personal nature meant that "she should be in prison, let me tell you."

Trump did not stop there. He said he did not believe Clinton would be loyal to her supporters and chuckled, "I don't even think she's loyal to Bill, to tell you the truth. And why should she be, right? Why should she be?"

In 1998, Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton, was caught up in a sex scandal involving former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

Trump was widely seen as having lost his first presidential debate with Clinton last Monday although he cites online polls showing he won.

In the days since the debate, Trump has been struggling to regain his footing, getting caught up in a back-and-forth with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who Trump had criticized for gaining weight.

Megan McKenna breaks down in tears over Pete Wicks' sexting scandal


TOWIE's Megan McKenna has publicly revealed her heartbreak over Pete Wicks' sexting scandal - in a tearful Snapchat video.

The brunette beauty, 24, posted the emotional footage on Friday night after the bombshell reveal that her boyfriend had been messaging his ex Jacqui Ryland, and even allegedly talking about leaving her.

It comes as Pete was sent home from the Spanish resort of Marbella, where the cast have been filming the show's latest spin-off series. See in full


US drone

There are strong indications that the United States government may launch attacks against Boko Haram insurgents in the North-East, as a drone base being constructed in the Niger Republic would soon be completed.

According to reports, the American drone base is under construction in Agadez, a town in Niger.

The facility is expected to offer US military, greater ability to use drones against Islamist extremists in countries like Libya, Mali and Nigeria.

But some security experts told SUNDAY PUNCH that such drone attacks against insurgents in the North might kill innocent people.

The project, considered to be the United State’s most important military construction effort in Africa, according to secret files obtained by an online medium, The Intercept, will gulp $100m.

The construction of the base is an indication that the US is paying more attention to terrorist groups in Nigeria and other countries on the African continent.

“As the only country in the region willing to allow a US base for MQ-9 Reapers — a newer, larger, and potentially more lethal model than the venerable Predator drone — Niger has positioned itself to be the key regional hub for US military operations, with Agadez serving as the premier outpost for launching intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions against a plethora of terror groups,” The Intercept said. Read More on Punch

RECESSION: Bayelsa state can’t pay full salaries now - Governor

NIGERIA - Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Seriake Dickson, has maintained that the state government cannot pay its workers full salaries because of dwindling revenue.

The governor stated this during a meeting with members of the Bayelsa Elders Forum in Yenagoa, a statement from the state’s Ministry of Information and Orientation, indicated on Saturday.

Dickson urged the elders to prevail on the civil servants from their different localities to accept the ongoing payment pattern.

The government had been paying workers in the state 50 per cent salaries since February 2016.

The statement quoted the governor as saying, “In the area of public service, I appeal to the elders to be part of the discussions by engaging civil servants from their localities to accept the ongoing payment pattern as government at this point cannot pay full salaries.

“Some of the major challenges our government is facing is dwindling revenue and security. We call for collaboration to ensure law and order in all the local government areas in the state.”

Also, Dickson paid glowing tribute to elders and founding fathers of the state who fought and persistently agitated for the creation of Bayelsa in 1996.

Noting that the state was not where it should be, he nevertheless said it was not where it used to be.

Meanwhile, the state government has said activities of the militant group, Niger Delta Avengers, shrank the state’s revenue.

The government said during a monthly transparency briefing in Yenagoa on Friday that the group’s activities had reduced the oil revenue accruable to the state from N3bn in July, 2016 to N1bn in August, 2016.

The Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Rear Admiral John Jonah (retd.), declared a deficit of N1.9bn during the briefing.

Jonah, who announced a gross inflow of N8.7bn, said N1.4bn was spent on bank loans, N2.1bn on civil servants’ salaries and capital payment of N3.2bn.

He said the recurrent payment was N1.4bn, while that of political appointees salaries gulped N472m, bringing the total outflow to N8.9bn.



A man who decided to break out from lonely ended up with marrying a real life doll.

Strange things happen everyday which makes one to wonder if the end of the world is not finally here.
People have married dogs, goats, trees but an American man called Dirk, tops it all by getting married to a s*x doll he names Jenny and he has been gushing about how much he loves her and cannot change her for anything in the world.
Dirk who bought his doll 'bride' for a whopping sum of $6,750, believes Jenny is the best thing to ever happen to him and he has vowed to love, support and share their private lives together.
The strange couple who have been together for four years, do everything every normal couple do, including s*x which Dirk says is very explosive.
Dirk says he decided to marry Jenny  after he suffered a breakdown from feeling lonely. He bought her and they had a normal wedding and since then, the dotting Dirk has been dotting on Jenny, doing everything for her like the caring husband he is.
He says he talks to her and can hear her, and perceive her soul, believing she speaks back.
A photographer, Sandra Hoyn, chronicles the couples day to day activities in pictures.
Dirk says:
“I can’t live without love. My loneliness destroyed me. Jenny is such a sensitive being. She is so helpless.” See More Photos below:
















VERSET D’ANCRAGE: « Car il est comme les pensées de son âme. Mange et bois, te dira-t-il; Mais son cœur n`est point avec toi. » Proverbes 23:7

PENSEE DU JOUR: Si ça ne traverse pas votre esprit, ça ne peut pas traverse votre vie. (Ce qui ne traverse pas votre esprit ne peut pas traverser votre vie). If it cannot cross your mind, it will never cross your life.

Il y a quelque temps, le Serviteur de Dieu, l'Evêque David Oyedepo a raconté une histoire sur la façon dont il est allé avec certaines personnes à l'aéroport de la ville de Bénin au Nigeria, pour rattraper un vol à destination de Lagos; afin de pouvoir chacun être au culte du dimanche. Avant qu’ils n’arrivent à l'aéroport, l’avion avait déjà décollé. Au même moment, un homme était positionné sur la piste avec son jet privé, prêt à s’envoler pour Lagos. L'Evêque Oyedepo envoyé un des hommes de son équipe à l'homme en question avec le message suivant: « Rencontre cet homme et dit lui que nous tenons à le rejoindre à Lagos avant que notre jet privé n’arrive. » Et l'homme répondit: «D'accord, si vous allez à Lagos, venez, allons-y.»

Pour l’Evêque Oyedepo, il se voyait comme le propriétaire d'un jet privé, bien que cela ne ce soit pas encore manifesté. Aujourd'hui, ce qu’il avait à l’esprit est devenu une réalité. Ce qui ne traverse pas votre esprit ne peut pas traverser votre vie, cela ne traversera jamais votre vie. Les pensées du succès sont remplies de capacités de réalisation plus grandes qu’elles-mêmes (les pensées).

Bien-aimés, là où vous ne vous voyez pas, vous ne pourrez jamais vous y trouver.

Rappellez-vous ceci : Ce qui ne traverse pas votre esprit ne peut pas traverser votre vie

1. Ayez à l’esprit une image de la façon dont vous voulez que votre avenir soit et de travaillez dessus.
2. Ne laissez jamais les situations de la vie définir votre modèle de pensées.
3. Revoyez (reconsidérez) votre vision de la vie quotidienne.

PRIERE: Seigneur, merci pour Tes bons projets que Tu as prévus pour ma vie. Je reçois la grâce de marcher dans la justice, la santé, la fécondité, la prospérité et la grandeur. Je dois accomplir ma destinée, au Nom de Jésus.

LECTURE QUOTIDIENNE: Esaïe 66: 1 à 24, Phil. 3: 4 à 21, Ps. 74: 1 à 23, Prov. 24: 15 à 16

CITATION: Ce que vous croyez détermine la façon dont vous vous comportez et comment vous vous comportez détermine ce que vous devenez. Extrait du livre en Anglais ‘22 Laws of Life’ (Vol. 1) du Dr Paul Enenche.

FAITS SURPRENANTS: Les Fourmies ne dorment jamais. En outre, elles n’ont pas de poumons.

AUJOURD’HUI DANS L’HISTOIRE: 2/10/1870 - Rome devint la capitale de l’Italie.