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Read how you can be an expert in bed with your spouse (final)


Romantic and sex

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Now I said this was a shortcut because anyone can do it, and you can do it RIGHT NOW, or ANY time you are having sex with your partner…

But I didn’t say it was EASY, and for most people, it’s not. In fact, most people are virtually never present during sex.

But what does that mean? I mean, if you’re having sex with someone, obviously you are physically in the same space with them, right? If the teacher called attendance in that bed, and she called your name, you’d say, “present!”

And yet, while they are indeed in the room, most people are mentally and emotionally checked out.

Where do they go?

Mainly to one of 3 places:

1) They are in fantasy, most frequently fantasizing about a different partner, more partners, a scene they saw on the internet, a situation they find sexy, or increasingly for men who watch too much porn, they fantasize about being home with their computer and watching other people have sex on the screen in order to get off.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with fantasy. Fantasy is great! But it is NOT presence, and if you find that you can’t get aroused without it, you’ve got some work to do.

2) They are absorbed in sensate focus, completely focused on the feelings in their own genitals and bodies. This is actually the recipe for good sex recommended by Masters and Johnson, and it’s not too bad. Certainly it can be very sensual, and it’s a degree more present than being in fantasy, because at least you’re in your body (which is in the actual room), and responding to what’s actually happening instead of the movie in your mind.

3) The third place that is far too common for people to be during sex is anxiety… the chattering voice in your head that says you’re not good enough, that you’re doing it wrong, that you won’t be able to stay hard, or won’t have an orgasm, or that you look weird, smell weird, or that you don’t know whether or not your partner is enjoying it or faking it.

This “chattering monkey mind” focus is the worst possible kind of sex, and it’s at the root cause of most sexual dissatisfaction. It’s no fun for either of you, and it can really shake your confidence inside and outside of the bedroom.

So it turns out that being present is extremely challenging for most people.

In fact, according to surveys, MOST people have NEVER had an orgasm while keeping their eyes open and looking into their lover’s eyes.

For many other people who have fallen into a mental pattern or either fantasy or anxiety during sex, forcing their mind to do something other than that is really challenging.

If you own any of my programs, then you’ve heard me say many times that taking up meditation is a good idea, and this is one of the specific reasons why: Meditating is simply the practice of getting your mind to do what you want it to do instead of just running wild in its habitual patterns.

Okay, so presence might be challenging, but it IS available to you right now, tonight, and if you’re willing to give it a try, it’s a great short cut to being truly amazing in the sack.

Here are 3 easy little tricks and tips for “how to” get yourself present with your lover…

Focus on taste and smell.

Taste and smell are the oldest senses. They developed long before more complicated things like touch and sound, and waaaaay before the super complex ability to see. Most single celled animals have the ability to sense chemicals in their environment (which is what taste and smell is) and either move towards or away from them.

Let yourself get really absorbed in your lover’s scent and taste, and you’ll discover that you can become quickly engaged in being present with them.

If you’re a beginner at this presence thing, I suggest that you wait until you’re already aroused, maybe even during intercourse, and then bring yourself powerfully into awareness of these primitive senses.

Let yourself really feel into the experience. With modern hygiene and deodorant, you may experience being unable to smell anything from your lover’s skin. Stay with it. Taste. Tune in to what’s deeper, underneath the smell of soap and laundry detergent. If you can, let it swoon you with pleasure.

And then continue making love to your partner while completely sensually absorbed in that sense of them.

2) Eye contact + emotion.

Anytime during sex, from foreplay to oral to intercourse to climax, find your partner’s gaze and make eye contact.

They may (probably) have their eyes closed. Gently invite or request that they look into your eyes…

And then share the emotion you feel right in that moment.

This could be a simple smile that says, “this is fun!” or it could be a sigh of sensual pleasure, it could be an aching gaze of pure love, a lip-bite of pure lust, or even a little laugh of feeling like a silly, naughty kid caught with your pants down.

You can use words here to say what you feel, or just a sigh, sound, or facial expression. Just get your feeling across, and then continue or return to making love.

Eye contact, and then share an emotion. See if you can feel your partner’s emotion to. Let it pass between you like an instant, sexy communication.

You don’t have to hold it for the entire session. It might be a moment, a few seconds, or a strong minute. You might find it threatening, beautiful, or hypnotic… but you’ll have made real contact.

3) Breath your lover

This is one of my favorites. When you do it, it’s just so amazingly… present!

Here’s how it’s done:

When you are making love to your partner move your face right beside or in front of his/hers. The easiest place to transition to this is while kissing. (In fact, kissing is a great place to be present, but it’s also easy to kiss while being in fantasy or sensate focus).

Then, when your partner exhales, ***especially when he/she moans, gasps, or sighs with pleasure, inhale their exhale into your mouth.

You don’t have to have a seal around their face like a scuba mask, you can have your mouth against his/hers or you can be several inches away, just feel yourself “catching” your lovers breath and taking it in.

You’ll begin by simply noticing when they are exhaling and catching it. Then you can intensify the game by feeling for when he/she is going to sigh or moan (or even scream out!) in pleasure, and inhaling their passion into your body.

This turns your focus powerfully onto being present with your lover’s pleasure, and creates an intense, passionate, and highly present feeling for both of you.

You can also hold back your own (authentically felt) moan of pleasure until you see that your partner is about inhale, hold your mouth close to his/hers, and breath your pleasure into their inhale.

You’ll light up every cell of their body.


You don’t have to do ANY of these little tricks the entire time. In fact, it will likely become weird and self-conscious if you try to. This is just the sugar you put into the dough that turns it from plain bread into delicious cake, or the spice that you add that turns bland, boiled food into a burning hot, exotic dish that your tastebuds will never forget.

And if you want a master tip for presence, then allow yourself to be sensitive to exactly how long you ought to continue any one of these techniques. Let the moment decide. Be present to when is the perfect time to transition into or out of any of these techniques. Once you are doing that, you are really, truly present with your lover.

This truly is an amazing shortcut to being a completely new experience for your partner during sex, because not .1% of people out there are even aware of sexual presence, much less trying to make it happen.

I would love to hear about your success stories, experiences (many people have experienced this during a “best sex of my life” experience, if even briefly– and elusively have not been able to re-experience it because they didn’t understand what it was that they were feeling), or of course any questions or comments below.


Sports Update: Three Nigerians ‘set records’ at Rio Olympics

Nigerian News
Three Nigerian athletes in the ongoing Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games have set records that would be cherished in a longtime to come.

The trio with records are two table tennis stars, Segun Toriola and Aruna Quadri as well as Rower, Chierika Ukogu .

The 41-year-old Toriola had his seventh appearance in the current Games, equaling the table tennis record. This has made him the most capped African Olympian.

Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri set another continental record after the 2014 ITTF star became the first African to reach the quarterfinals of men’s singles event at Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Ukogu on the other hand, qualified for top classification in the rowing event in Rio.

She is Nigeria’s first ever rower in the Olympics to have got that far, placing fifth in the third quarter final of the Women’s single sculls after clocking a time of 7:54.44 secs.

She will now participate in the semi finals C/D 1 event on Wednesday. This is the 23-year-old’s first ever appearance in the Olympics.


Chantelle strips off everything after boyfriend dumped her on Facebook

sexy celebrity
Chantelle Connelly has stripped off for a series of steamy snaps amid speculation about the future of her relationship.

The Geordie Shore beauty - who recently packed on the PDA with her man Tommy Sayers weeks after he dumped her on Facebook - has posed in a number of raunchy photos for her 2017 calendar.

In a couple of the seaside pictures, the reality TV star is wearing nothing but her birthday suit as she relaxing on the sand, with only a carefully placed hand protecting her modesty.

Watch the crazy nude photos on Mirrior

Charming Rita Ora looks sexy in clinging vest in New York

Celebrity news
Rita Ora, the former X Factor judge has been parading her versatile wardrobe all over New York over the last few weeks, and her latest look is another sartorial success.

Looking effortlessly stunning, the singer stepped out in a clinging white vest which highlighted her slim waist and a pair of khaki trousers with leather detailing.

Charming singer, finished off the look with some fierce finger jewellery, bracelets and a pair of white heels.

The star, who appeared to be solo, was snapped leaving her New York apartment.
Celebrity news
Celebrity News
Celebrity News
Celebrity gist

Live Update: UEFA SUPER CUP Real Madrid - Sevilla

Follow Live update UEFA Super Cup
between Two Spanish Club
Real Madrid Vs Sevilla

Click Here for Live Update

Live Update: UEFA Super Cup Real Madrid vs Sevilla


Follow Live streaming  UEFA Super Cup match between Real Madrid and Sevilla

Breaking News: Aisha Buhari Departs From US And Arrives In London

Nigerian News
The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, left the United States yesterday to go to London, United Kingdom as part of her 10-day international trip.

Mrs. Buhari stayed in the United States for four days only, less than originally planned according to sources speaking with SaharaReporters
Aisha Buhari departing from US
Mrs. Buhari was invited to speak at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC and at George Mason University in Virginia. She also celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Zumunta Association and gave an interview at Voice of America Hausa service.

SaharaReporters obtained photos of Mrs. Buhari arriving and departing the United States through Dulles International Airport in Washington DC, with some photos clearly indicating that she was in the airport because of the signage saying “Dulles Employee Checkpoint” and her US State Department escorts.

Despite the publication of Mrs. Buhari’s itinerary and other photos distributed from her trip, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State and spokespeople for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have said that she never went to the US. 

Mr. Fayose claims, despite available evidence, that Mrs. Buhari is wanted in the US for corruption.

Investigations by SaharaReporters and the New York Times however found that there is no evidence to suggest that the First Lady was involved with the scam referred to by Mr. Fayose.

News Update: There is hope for Nigeria, says Tunde Bakare

Nigerian News
Pastor Tunde Bakare, the General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly has said despite evidence of a high level of corruption in public and private life, President Muhammadu Buhari can win the war on corruption.

He spoke in Lagos weekend at the the launch of the Onyekachi Ubani Foundation (MOU) by Second Vice-Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Monday Ubani.

Dignitaries at the event included President Buhari, who was represented by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora, among others.

Bakare, who was represented by Segun Oloketuyi, managing director of Wema Bank Plc, delivered the keynote speech on the theme: ‘The system that allows massive corruption in Nigeria must be a bad system’.

Under military rule, he said Nigeria became synonymous with corruption, and this was carried on “through 17 years of civil governance.” He blamed this on an “expectation and demand culture” leading to an attitude of impunity.

“Despite the emergence of a new government on the heels of a strong anti-corruption campaign, despite the credence lent to this anti-corruption promise by the antecedent of President Buhari, and despite global acknowledgement that Nigeria has taken shovel loads off the peak of this mountain of filth, the stench of corruption remains “fantastically” horrible with the rest of the world turning their noses away in disgust and derision,” Bakare added.

Nevertheless, he noted that Nigerians are essentially not corrupt and gave instances of the airport cleaner, who found and returned N12 million and Buhari’s declaration to be incorruptible, which has gone unchallenged.

Bakare added: “Therefore, I am confident that there is hope. What is urgently required is the redefinition of our value system along the lines of probity and integrity by highlighting our anti-corruption narrative. Then, upon that foundation, we must build a corruption-tight system that reinforces this narrative and eliminates the contrary. This task of refabricating society is a collective responsibility that must involve all, the government as well as the governed.”

Earlier, in his welcome address President Buhari commended the vision of the foundation.

He said: “It is significant that the foundation is dedicated to helping the poor and needy in the society and also to celebrate those who made our country proud with virtuous acts.

“Barrister Ubani, you have decided to improve other peoples’ lives in your own little way, Very inspiring. If this is the heartbeat of more privileged Nigerians, then the burden of government will be a lot lightened.”

Responding, Ubani said the society will continue to breed miscreants if the wealthy do not assist the poor.

“The consequences of not being our Brother’s Keeper is what bred Boko Haram; it is currently breeding other societal miscreants all over the place. God knows what else, what next, where else, when next the next terror will hit us. The danger is growing within; it is drawing nearer and nearer to our door step, just as the storm gathers,” he said.

Ubani noted that he decided to set up the foundation because there was a limit to how many people he could personally help.

“There is a limit to how many Nigerians a Good Samaritan with limited resources can help, but I am convinced that if I get your support in your capacity as an empowered Nigerian, together we can create a system that will lift a majority of Nigerians, young and old, out of poverty and hunger. It takes just a little more creative thinking and brainstorming to build that enabling structure outside of the box.”

World Record Signing: Manchester United sign Paul Pogba


Manchester United have completed the signing of Paul Pogba from Juventus.

Pogba left United to join Juve in 2012 but Jose Mourinho has now re-acquired the France international midfielder for a world-record transfer fee.

The 23-year-old, who has long been linked with a return to Old Trafford, has now become the most expensive player in football history, overtaking the deal that took Gareth Bale from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013.
Manchester United football club

"Manchester United is delighted to announce that Paul Pogba has completed his transfer from Italian club Juventus," the club wrote on their official website.

"Paul joins on a five-year contract, with the option to extend for a further year."

Pogba is reported to earn an astonishing £104m pre-tax salary over five years, a figure that put off Real Madrid, who were also in the running for his signature, with Cristiano Ronaldo the only Los Blancos star to earn more than that amount.

The Frenchman made just seven appearances for United during his initial stint with the club, and failed to complete 90 minutes in the Premier League under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson.

But while there was some bitterness on both sides at his departure for Italy, Pogba has made the decision to rejoin the club as they look to vastly improve on the fifth-placed finish secured under Louis van Gaal in 2015-16.

The transfer represents the latest arrival under Mourinho, with United having embarked on a major recruitment drive this summer having already acquired the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Eric Bailly. 

Breaking News: President Buhari's wife didn't travel to US, says PDP

Nigeria News
According to reports, the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State has accused the state’s All Progressives Congress of ignorance and mischief over its comment on the purported visit of the Wife of the President, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, to the United States of America.

Ekiti State PDP noted that even the Presidency had not told anyone that the wife of the President travelled to the USA.

The  ruling party, APC had in a statement on Sunday said the eventual travelling of Mrs. Buhari to the United States had exposed Governor Ayodele Fayose as a “shameless liar.”

However, in a statement issued on Monday by its state Publicity Secretary, Mr. Jackson Adebayo, the PDP, which said it would have ignored the APC and allowed those in the party to continue to wallow in their self-deceit, wondered why no television station reported her departure and arrival.

Related News: Gov. Fayose Struggles To Justify Statements About Aisha Buhari As She Arrives In US

He said, “The question is, did she travel to USA or Qatar? If the Presidency has not been bold enough to tell Nigerians that Mrs. Aisha Buhari travelled to the USA on official visit, only a party of scammers like the APC will go on the rooftops to celebrate photoshoped pictures as evidence of visit to USA.

While casting doubt at the trip, the PDP said Mrs. Buhari purported trip to the US did not erase the fact that her name was mentioned in the judgment delivered by the US District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division, USA, in criminal No 1: 07CR209, that indicted the USA Congressman, Williams Jefferson.

The statement added, “Most importantly, Nigerians have witnessed more heinous forgeries from the APC, one of them being pictorial claim that President Buhari (as the APC presidential candidate then) had an interview with Kemi Fadojutimi on ‘All Eyes on Africa’ TV show in London, whereas the interview was held in Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

Related News: News Update: President Buhari's wife Aisha, Arrives In Washington DC

“However, it is important to point out that from all evidences, the pictures circulated as arrival of President Buhari’s wife at Dulles International Airport, Washington DC could have been taken at the Doha International Airport, Qatar. Even on the official website of George Mason University and US Institute of Peace, USA where the President’s wife was said to have attended events, there is nothing to show that she attended any event in the two institutions.

“We have seen pictures of Wife of the Senate President, Toyin Saraki with President Barrack Obama’s wife, Michelle. We also saw pictures of Mrs. Patience Jonathan with Michelle Obama when she visited the USA. Where are Aisha Buhari’s pictures with the First Lady of USA and major government officials from the country? Or could she have arrived and departed from the USA like a spirit?

News Update: Three Soldiers killed by suspected militants

Niger Delta Militants
On Monday morning, in Nembe, Baylesa State, an attack by persons suspected to be militants left three members of the Joint Task Force (JTF) dead.

The officers of the JTF named Operation Delta Safe were allegedly killed at their post by the Nembe waterway checkpoint.

According to reports, the militants who were in a gun boat were dressed in white, disguised as part of a group returning from a burial ceremony

The militants fired shots at the JTF officers and stole two gunboats belonging to the officers.

Shocking!!! 47-year-old defiles 18-month-old baby

Nigerian news
A 47-year-old man, Emmanuel Magbatie, has been arrested for allegedly defiling an 18-month-old girl (names withheld) in Owutu axis of Ikorodu, Lagos State.

This came barely a week after the Lagos State Government sought compulsory psychiatric test for rape and other domestic violence offenders in the country.

Vanguard gathered that Magbatie, an artisan, who reside in same building as the victim’s parents, defiled the girl last week Wednesday.

It was learned that the victim was rushed to Ikorodu General Hospital by her parents for treatment and to ascertain the impact of the act on her.

Vanguard investigation revealed that a day after, the victim was taken to Mirabel Centre at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, Ikeja, for test to help the child overcome issues that may arise after.

Coordinator of Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, DSVRT, Mrs. Lola Vivour-Adeniyi, who confirmed the act, lamented that the mother of the victim affirmed that the perpetrator was her neighbour. She noted that the victim’s mother visited Mirabel Centre at LASUTH for appropriate medical assistance and to aid the judicial processes.

Vivour-Adeniyi noted that DSVRT facilitated the transfer of the case from the Owutu Police Station to the gender desk of the state Police Command in Ikeja last Friday to expedite action on the case.

She noted that the Perpetrator would be detained to allow the completion of the test and issuance of result from Mirabel Centre, after which the case would be charged to court for proper judgment.

Effort to speak to the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmus proved abortive, as she neither responded to calls nor replied text messages sent to her.


Supernatural Empowerment - Dr Paul Enenche

Seed of Destiny Devotional

Seed Of Destiny Devotional

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Topic: Supernatural Empowerment

SCRIPTURE: And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that Holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. – Luke 1:35.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Power is the sponsor of progress; it defeats stagnation and provokes change.

In Physics, power is defined as the capacity to do work. Spiritually, power is the capacity to make things work. It is also the energy of God designed to operate in our lives to produce desired results. The Holy Spirit is the custodian of the Power of God.

What then are the products of power?

1. It takes power to birth Divine purpose.
Power is the trigger of potentials for the fulfilment of destiny. To be powerless is to live like a destitute and to exist as if you were created by mistake.

2. It takes power to overcome resistance.
It takes the Power of God to surmount obstacles and uproot mountains. It takes power to push off resistance from our lives.

3. It takes power to make progress.
There is restlessness in the spirit that is imparted when you carry power. Power is the sponsor of progress; it defeats stagnation and provokes change.

Beloved, to exist in the Presence of God is to receive supernatural power from God.

I decree that your life is moving forward by the Power of God in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: Power is the sponsor of progress; it defeats stagnation and provokes change.

1. Engage in the lifestyle of communion, worship and prayer.
2. Have a desperate desire for God to see His power at work in your life.

PRAYER: O LORD, I present myself as a living sacrifice before You today. Empower me, LORD, to destroy every power of darkness and provoke change around me in Jesus’ Name.


QUOTE: It is the settling down of God’s Presence that gathers a man’s scattered life together and allows the blessing to begin to manifest. Culled from THE PROTOCOL OF THE ARK by Dr Becky Enenche.

DAILY READING: Ezra 8:21 to 9:15, 1 Corinthians 5:1 to 13, Psalm 31:1 to 8, Proverbs 21:1 to 2.

TODAY IN HISTORY – 9/8/1910: The first complete, self-contained electric washing machine was patented.

AMAZING FACT: The average four year old child asks about four hundred questions a day.

Sources: Premiumnews24Dunamis

Blessed Assurance - Pastor E.A Adeboye

Open Heavens Devotional

Open Heavens Devotional

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Topic: Blessed Assurance 

Memorise: Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings. – Isaiah 3:10

Read: Psalms 23:1-5 (KJV)

1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Bible in One Year: Isaiah 1-3, Psalms 31:9-18

God is calling us to a closer walk with Him. This is the only way to launch us into the realm of His divine blessings. The blessings and miracles of God are exclusively reserved for His children. It is only the elect of God that can be assured of His blessings. One question we must always remember to ask when we read of or hear God make a promise is: am I the one God is referring to? Do I qualify to be blessed? God's blessings are only reserved for those who live holy.

“Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows." - Hebrews 1:9

To be assured of the blessing of the Lord, you need to be righteous. Every sin in your life reduces your chance of being a full beneficiary of the goodness of God. This is why you need to find out (and be sincere in your search) if there is any sin hidden in your life. Ask yourself: what are those things that can limit the flow of God's blessings to my life? God has given us all things, but they will not flow into the lives of those who are not living according to His pattern. You can determine how far you want to be blessed in God. It is a function of the relationship that exists between you and God. This is why you need to ensure that nothing hinders your relationship with Him, so that there can be an uninterrupted flow of blessings to your life.

The moment we begin follow God, there will always be an assurance of His divine protection so that you don't become plagued with the suffering and turmoil of life. All that is necessary for one's survival is already guaranteed in God. For reasons best known to God, there are certain things that He will not reveal to you. He enjoys giving pleasant surprises to His children. He always gives those who serve Him more than they bargained for. When I was answering the call to ministry, I never knew God was going to bless me as much as He has done so far. All I was after was just to love Him and serve Him with the whole of my heart, because I was glad He had rescued me from the wicked hands of the Devil. But God decided to bless me beyond measure. My greatest dream was to become the youngest Vice-Chancellor of a University. But today, that dream is a child's play in comparison with what God is doing in my life. All you need to do is to live a life of holiness and everything will work out in your favour. By the time Joseph finally arrived in the palace, he must have felt far better than he had ever imagined. But remember that Joseph had to contend with those things that were capable of hindering his glorious destiny. There is no challenge or sin that God cannot give you victory over as you trust in Him. Just turn to the Lord and ask Him to help your weakness. The moment you do this, you will see better and bigger victories emerging on your behalf. God will never forsake those who trust in Him. The assurance of every believer in Christ Jesus is that God will never turn His back on His people. There will be a guarantee of protection when you are under any attack. He will protect you to the point that you will pity your attackers. He will openly manifest to all that you belong to Him. Only those who come under His government enjoy His benefits.

Key Point: There is a ready-made banquet prepared for those who belong to God.

Sources: Premiumnews24

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Not A Random Error - Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Daily Manna Devotional

Daily Manna Devotional

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Topic: Not A Random Error 

Text: Exodus 2:1-10

Key Verse: "And thou, son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house" (Ezekiel 2:6).

An woman has been out of employment for five years and finally secures one in a well paying organization. But there is a condition which she never thought of seriously: she must not be pregnant in her first two years on the job.

That is easy, she thought until she found herself with a child six months into the contract. What will she do? Abort, resign and flee?nHard choice. For the mother of Moses, the trouble was not getting pregnant but having a son. A daughter is okay but a son must be drowned. And here comes Moses - a goodly child. The mother could not bear the thought of drowning him. She hid and took care of him secretly until it became dangerous to continue to hide him. She packed him inna basket and "laid it in the flags by the river's brink.”

The child is supposed to be thrown into the river to be drowned. He is now at a point where it will be so easy to kill him but God had a different plan. Pharaoh's daughter comes by and delivers Moses. He is maintained by his mother at Pharaoh's daughter's expense. Moses grew up to be the mighty instrument in the hand of God for the deliverance of Israel. nThe birth of Moses was at abnormal times and his upbringing was in unusual circumstance after being drawn out of water. nMaybe, your situation is similar somehow.

Maybe you are seen as an accident or mistake. Don't worry, God has a plan for you. Were you delivered from an accident - incident, boat mishap or plane crash - where you could have died? Or, did you find yourself in a humiliating condition you never thought of in life? God can change it for His glory

Thought for the day: You are designed by God for His purpose and glory.

Bible Reading in one Year: Esther 6-10.

Sources: Premiumnews24Deeper Life

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Possess God's Rest - Kenneth Copeland

Daily Devotional

Faith To Faith Devotional

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Topic: Possess God's Rest

Key Verse: There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.... Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief. - Hebrews 4:9,11

God’s rest. Considering the hectic, busy lives you and I live that sounds like a pretty good thing to have, doesn’t it? But exactly what is that rest? And how do we enter it?

The third and fourth chapters of Hebrews compare God’s rest with the children of Israel taking possession of the Promised Land. That land was to be a place where their every need would be met, a place of freedom from their warring enemies, a place no one would ever drive them from again. All they had to do was go in and possess it. But something kept them from it: unbelief and disobedience.

As believers, we too, have the opportunity to enter a promised land of abundance and peace. A land where we can rest from our struggles and enjoy the victory of God. To enter it we must do what the children of Israel failed to do. We must simply trust God and obey His voice.

How do you come to that place of trust and obedience? By getting to know your Father. By spending time fellowshiping with Him in prayer and in the Word. That is the labor that will bring you into His rest!

I’ll never forget when I first discovered that. I had been learning the principles of faith, striving hard to do them. It seemed back then that keeping doubt and unbelief out of my heart was difficult. Then, one day, I began to labor to know the Father instead of just knowing about Him.

When I did that, He began to reveal Himself to me. He gave me glimpses of His heart, His nature and His love. As He revealed to me how much He wanted to do for His children, it changed my striving into peace, my doubt into trust, my fear into bold obedience. It enabled me to enter His rest.

Get to know your Father. Work at it. Make it your “labor.” He has a promised land of rest that is waiting for you!

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 4:1-11.

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