Thursday, 4 August 2016

Embrace dialogue or we destroy you, Navy warns militants
The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Ibok-Ette Ibas warns that the military would come down heavily on the militants if they fail to embrace peace.

The Nigerian Navy has warned militants in the Niger Delta to embrace the peace offered by the federal government or face the full might of the military.

The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Vice Admiral Ibok-Ette Ibas, who gave the warning during an interview with Daily Sun, said that the Navy has the capacity to wipe out militancy from the Niger Delta region.

He said the Navy has refrained from applying force due to the ongoing negotiations with the militants by the government.

The navy boss however, warned that the military would come down heavily on the militants should the dialogue between the various tiers of government and the militants fail.

The vice admiral called on the militants to have a rethink of their acts which he said is threatening the economy of the country.

He said no responsible government anywhere in the world would fold its arm and watch a group of militants take laws into their hands by disrupting the peace and economy of its nation.

According to Ibas, the Buhari administration, more than administrations before it in the last few decades, has made enormous investments in the procurement of desired facilities for the force.

He insisted that the Navy has done well especially in the area of helping to fight insurgencies and pirates.

“The Navy has done a lot to support the national objective. The economic mainstream of the nation is domiciled in the maritime domain. If the Navy doesn’t have the capacity to ensure that the activities out there are uninterrupted, then there will be serious crisis in the nation.

“We have also tried to collaborate with other national agencies to keep the maritime space secure,” he said.

Meanwhile, militant group, Niger Delta Justice Defence Group (NDJDG) has attacked oil pipelines in Bera, Gokana local government area of the Rivers state on early hours of August 4, Thursday.

The group revealed about this in a statement made available to

The militants said that this is in continuation of their warning to the government of Muhammadu Buhari to immediately look into their demand and attend to them.

Mourinho should be jailed for 'bullying' Bastian Schweinsteiger - FifPro

Manchester united coach
Bastian Schweinsteiger, 32, signed a three-year deal in 2015 and played 31 games last term but has trained alone and with the Under-23s since Mourinho took over.

"It's clear bullying," Slovenia FifPro member Dejan Stefanovic told the BBC.

"In Slovenia, we would have indicted Mourinho and asked for the highest penalty - three years in prison."

Mourinho has yet to talk about Schweinsteiger's future but is due to hold a press conference on Friday to preview Sunday's Community Shield against Premier League champions Leicester City.

BBC Sport has contacted United for comment but is yet to receive a reply.

Speaking to BBC World Football, lawyer Stefanovic, who is also president of the Slovenian Footballers and Sportsmen Union, added: "This is clearly meant to discourage Bastian.

"Mourinho is setting a bad example. I would take it to the ordinary court. In our case, the penal code is quite clear. If there is bullying and harassment, there's a prison sanction, a maximum of three years in prison.

"Schweinsteiger should turn to the Professional Footballers' Association and he should file a complaint and I would also seek penalty for Mourinho.

"All the players of the first team have to train with the coaches of the first team at the same place, at the same time as all other team-mates.

"That's something that should be applied to each and every club and should be written within Fifa regulations."

Schweinsteiger, who has made 120 appearances for Germany, joined United from Bayern Munich.

He was left out of Mourinho's 25-man squad for last weekend's 5-2 friendly win over Galatasaray in Gothenburg and was not part of the 22 for Wayne Rooney's testimonial with Everton on Wednesday.

Schweinsteiger's brother, Toby, who is assistant manager of Bayern Munich's Under-17s team, sent a tweet on the evening of the Galatasaray match which merely said: "No respect."

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, another former Germany captain, told German publication Bild: "One or two players are going to think long and hard in future about whether they want to go to such a club."


Announcement of new Boko Haram leader is just a propaganda - F.G

New Boko Haram leader
A press release from the Nigerian Government has dismissed reports that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has appointed a new leader for Boko Haram as “cheap propaganda.”

ISIS had announced that Boko Haram has a new leader, Abu Musab al-Barnawi.

The BBC reported Mr. al-Barnawi, who was previously the spokesman for the Boko Haram terrorists, was featured in the latest issue of an ISIS magazine.

The press release stated “it is too late to employ such tactics to revive the defeated Nigerian terrorist organisation.”

Mr. al-Barnawi who stated that there is a Western plot to Christianize the region, threatened to bomb churches in the region while desisting from attacking mosques and markets used by Muslims.

There was no mention of Mr. Abubakar Shekau, former Boko Haram leader in the magazine.

News of this new appointment follows years of speculation regarding the whereabouts and health of Mr. Shekau.

Human Trafficking: Top Nigerian trafficker jailed for 22 years
The United Kingdom’s Isleworth Crown Court on Thursday sentenced a Nigerian woman, Franca Asemota, to 22 years in jail after she was found guilty of attempting to traffic Nigerian girls through Heathrow Airport to work as sex workers in brothels across Europe.

Ms. Asemota, 38, was found guilty on Wednesday of a 12-count charge that includes conspiracy to traffic persons for sexual exploitation, trafficking persons outside of the UK for sexual exploitation, and assisting unlawful immigration.

She was part of a criminal network that trafficked girls, boys and women from Nigeria to Europe using threats to guarantee their compliance.

Ms. Asemota, who was identified as a trafficking suspect in 2012, fled from Italy to Nigeria when some of her co-conspirators were arrested by Immigration Enforcement investigators.

She spent time in Europe before the National Crime Agency (NCA) tracked her down to Nigeria.

In an operation co-ordinated by the NCA, she was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Benin City in March 2015.

Once her identity was confirmed, Ms. Asemota was extradited back to the UK in January this year.

After a four-week trial, the Isleworth Crown Court found her guilty of conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation and assisting unlawful immigration.

The head of the Immigration Enforcement crime team, David Fairclough, described Ms. Asemota as the “lynchpin of a trafficking ring which targeted vulnerable young women in Nigeria, promising them a brighter future working in Europe”.

Mr. Fairclough said it however became clear soon that what she claimed to be doing was far different, as the victims, some who were as young as 13, were told they would be sold into prostitution.

“Asemota travelled with the girls in order to threaten them and keep them in line. Trafficking is a despicable crime, as this case shows. We work closely with our law enforcement colleagues internationally to identify the criminal gangs responsible and put them before the courts,” Mr. Fairclough said.

The head of the NCA’s UK Human Trafficking Centre, Martin French, said: “Franca Asemota and her criminal network took advantage of these vulnerable young women in some of the worst ways possible. They promised them a better life but in reality treated them as nothing more than a commodity to be sold into slavery.

“Asemota thought she could evade arrest by fleeing Europe and hiding in Nigeria. But the NCA’s partnerships give us global reach and mean international borders are no barrier to justice.

“This conviction is the result of many years of dogged investigation and co-operation between the NCA, Immigration Enforcement and our law enforcement colleagues both at home and overseas.”

Ms. Asemota’s gang targeted teenage girls in remote Nigerian villages, some of whom had never left their home area before, deceiving them that educational work awaited them in Europe.

“The girls would stay with her before leaving, and in interviews with specialist officers from the NCA’s Vulnerable Persons Team many of the girls told how they referred to her as Auntie Franca.

“Asemota travelled with the girls on flights from Lagos, Nigeria, to Heathrow, between August 2011 and May 2012, with the intention of reaching France. They remained airside during the transit at Heathrow so were not subject to Border Force passport checks.

“However, the trafficking attempts were prevented when French Authorities identified the girl’s false documents on arrival in France. When they were then returned to the UK, Border Force officers carried out further investigations and the case was quickly referred to Immigration Enforcement criminal investigations.”

Five of Asemota’s victims gave evidence against her during the trial. One of them was rescued from prostitution in Montpellier, France, during a joint operation by Immigration Enforcement and the NCA.

The cases were part of Operation Hudson, an Immigration Enforcement-led investigation targeting a number organised crime groups suspected of trafficking young women, via London, for the purposes of sexual exploitation.

Two other persons were convicted in 2013 as part of Operation Hudson. Odosa Usiobaifu, of Enfield, London, and David Osawaru, of Benin City, were sentenced to 14 years and nine years respectively.


What happened to former Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau after new leader emerged will shock you

Reports reaching Premiumnews24 revealed that hours after Abu Musab al-Barnawi was declared a new leader of Boko Haram by the Islamic State (IS) militant group its previous boss has released a recorded message with comments on the state of affairs in the group.

In the 10-minute 23-second audio message to the world in Arabic and Hausa Mr Sheaku said:

“All blessings be to Almighty Allah, and his His Prophet SAW. I am Imam Abubakar Shekau. This is the message to the world, to those who can understand Hausa and any other languages it can be translated for a clear understanding of the message, which is why we are sending this message to the world.

The content of my message goes thus. We have heard news going round and attributed to people we had earlier pledge allegiance to. Even though we are not against them base on the message we heard in the world radio but we are still honour ideology.

We know those we differ with, and I have written on this long ago. All we wrote have been documented with me, some eight pages and some nine pages stating their kind of ideology.

Because I stated it clear that I am against the principle where someone will dwell in the society with the infidels without making public his opposition or anger against infidels publicly as it is stated in the Quran. Anyone doing such can’t be a real Muslim thick and thin.

This is what our ideology proved. And that is where I am, to them, a Muslim can dwell in the society and do his marketing compromising core foundations. I want the world to know that we are still holding our ideology and tied with the Quran, we will not derail and will not revolt but will continue to remain in the cause of Allah. Following Prophet SAW is compulsory for us, and we will follow it to the end.

This is our stand, and we are still in the cause of Jama’atu Ahl as-Sunnah li-Da’awati wal-Jihad and Allah will help us. May Allah strengthen us to remain in this cause. We are still members of Jama’atu Ahl as-Sunnah li-Da’awati wal-Jihad, no matter what they call us, we remain what we are. No matter what we have our basis in Quran.

No matter what they call us, what we aspire is to justify our ideology in the Quran which is ultimate because we have not derailed. We are on and in the future, we will not accept any emissary except the one we can attest he is sincere and truthful for Allah and His cause.

In the first place, we sat and I was deceived, they said I should write my ideology to be taken if there is a mistake they will point out and bring back. They now deceive me, and it is base on some authorities and today I found out that there is one who is following principles of infidel which they want me to follow, and Prophet has stopped us against such.

We are still in the cause of Allah and will never depart in the struggle to establish an Islamic caliphate and standing by Islam. We will continue to work for the cause of Allah no going back. Anyone that caused this, no problem, if it’s possible may Allah show him the correct path and if it is not so may Allah protect us from his mischief.”

Meanwhile, in response to the last reshuffle in terror group the Nigerian army expressed its indiferrence in what happens at what he described as “nearly dead” Boko Haram terrorists, including change of leadership or alliance with ISIS.

Recall that Shekau served as deputy leader to the group’s founder, Mohammed Yusuf, and reportedly a father of Abu Musab al-Barnawi, until Yusuf was executed in 2009.

Nigerian authorities believed that Shekau was killed in 2009 during clashes between security forces and Boko Haram until July 2010, when Shekau appeared in a video claiming leadership of the group.

He has subsequently been reported dead with regularity, and is thought to use body doubles. In March 2015, Shekau pledged allegiance to ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Sources: SaharaReporters

Haters of God - Pastor W.F Kumuyi

Daily Manna Devotional -
Thursday, 4 August 2016

Topic: Haters of God

Text: Job 8:11-22

Key Verse: "They that hate thee shall be clothed with shame; and the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought" (Job 8:22).

There is a wise saying which states that, the Okro plant can never outgrow the planter. It may grow big and tall but the planter would always have a way of bending it low to harvest its seeds. God's purpose for the creation of man is so that they should show forth His praises.

Yet, He allows man the freedom to choose his actions with the admonition of eternal consequence. To choose life is to live in obedience to God's word and commandment, living daily in absolute yieldedness to His will. This is the minimum requirement that guarantees man's continual fellowship with his Creator. In the exercise of this freedom to choose his action, man often veers off the right path and perpetrate actions that alienate him from the Almighty. Man soon begins to think that the rush can grow without mire or the flag without water (Job8:11). To forget God is to behave as if He is not there. It is to be answerable or accountable to no one for our actions.

How long can the branch abide without the tree? The paths of all who forget God and the hypocrites' hope shall perish. The Scriptures affirm that the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God. Let us, therefore, live our lives to the glory of Him who has created and given us this life, for it is only by so doing that we would not have received His precious grace in vain

Thought for the day: To hate God is to love death and hell.

Bible Reading in one Year: Nehemiah 1-4

News Update: President Buhari's wife Aisha, Arrives In Washington DC
In a development with significant political implications, Nigeria’s First Lady Aisha Buhari on Wednesday evening arrived in Washington DC on a weeklong visit.  She is billed to attend a number of events in the area.

Sources at the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC said Mrs. Buhari arrived on a British Airways flight from London.

Her visit is of tremendous interest in Nigeria where Ekiti State governor Ayodele Fayose alleged in June that Mrs. Buhari was involved in the infamous Halliburton scandal, and is the “Aisha Buhari” mentioned in related court documents.

Our investigations show that there is no “Aisha Buhari” mentioned in the Halliburton scandal.  However, there is one mentioned in the case of former United States congressman William Jefferson, who was convicted on corruption charges in 2009, and to whom “Aisha Buhari” wired the sum of $170,000.   It is to that matter the governor mistakenly appears to allude.

On several occasions, Governor Fayose asserted that Mrs. Buhari could not enter the US, suggesting she would be arrested, a bluff she has now called.  Investigations by SaharaReporters and the New York Times have categorically stated that the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the court document in reference is not President Buhari's wife.  Nonetheless, Mrs. Buhari has sued Governor Fayose concerning his allegations.

According to an official invitation letter to her, obtained by SaharaReporters, Mrs. Buhari was expected to have arrived in the United Stastes two days ago, but was held back by official delays in Nigeria.

Among others, she is expected during her visit to attend meetings at the George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.  She will also be hosted by the United States Institute of Peace, in collaboration with Voice of America, and attend the 25th Anniversary celebration of Zumunta Association USA Inc.


Receive His Mercy - Kenneth Copeland

Faith to Faith Devotional -
Thursday, 4 August 2016

Topic: Receive His Mercy

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. - Psalm 136:1

God’s mercy endures forever! His willingness to act on man’s behalf is still operating in the earth. His mercy never runs out. Neither has it abated or weakened.

“Praise the Lord! His mercy endureth forever!” Mighty and powerful things happened when Israel said these words. They are words of praise and adoration to God.

When Solomon finished building the house of the Lord, the trumpeters and singers lifted their voices as one, and with trumpets, cymbals and instruments of music, they praised the Lord saying, “For he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”

Jehoshaphat appointed singers unto the Lord to go before the army and say, “Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth for ever.”

It has been thousands of years since the Lord said His mercy extended to a thousand generations, and His mercy continues to reach you day after day. He is still plenteous in mercy unto them that call upon Him. With your spirit, dare to stretch your faith to take in the boundless mercy of God. And say with your mouth, “The Lord, He is good and His mercy endureth forever. His mercy surrounds me even today!”

Scripture Reading: 2 Chronicles 5:1-14

Believing Lies? - Pastor E.A Adeboye

Open Heavens -
Thursday, 4 August 2016

Topic: Believing Lies?

Memorise: Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue. – Psalms 120:2

Read: 1 Timothy 4:1-6 (KJV)

1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

4 For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving:

5 For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.

6 If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished up in the words of faith and of good doctrine, whereunto thou hast attained.

Bible in One Year: James 1-5, Psalms 27


There are many heresies spreading around us today, unfortunately, there are lots of people believing them. This is why true ministers of the gospel cannot just fold their hands. They have to make efforts to counter the bad philosophies around with the absolute truth of God’s Word. There is no better time for us to be aware and guard ourselves from being led astray by these erroneous teachings.

The Bible warns us that if not careful even the very elect will deviate from the truth and follow after the deceptions of devious men, who, by the way, are skillful in leading men astray. Some of these teachers are popular and some of them are widely sought after; but be not deceived, the Word and Truth of God is greater than the personal profile of any minister.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing in the church today (Matthew 7:15-20). They teach one thing and practice another. They appear to be speaking the truth but they are living in error. When they talk, their words are very smooth and there is no error in their presentations. They make a lot of noise but they lack depth. If you watch closely, you will see that their conduct is contrary to the principles of godly living. They come with all sorts of theologies that have no bearing with the Word of God.

They justify unholy living with the illusion that it is impossible for anyone to live holy. They explain away the truth of God’s Word just to make sinners comfortable in their sins. There is no rebuke, no reprove and no correction in their theology. They preach so much about the place of grace and give so much motivation about people’s freewill and liberty, forgetting that the Christian calling is not a call to lawlessness. They preach against the validity of the 10 commandments in the era of grace.

Some teach that once saved you are forever saved and there is no need to work out your salvation with fear and trembling as the Bible says in Philippians 2:12. Some ask why you need to fast at all, since Jesus said it is finished.

As a genuine minister and disciple of Jesus, there is the need for you to teach your members to be aware of these wrong teachings. The fact that many people listen to them do not mean they are approved of God. They are liars.

You need to caution those in your church concerning heretic teachings that deny the fundamental principles of Christianity. Don’t allow your members to stray away from the truth. Expose them to the truth of God’s Word very often so that they can stand against the lies of the devil.

Some churches have become mere social and entertainment centres where members only gather of fantasies and entertainment purposes. You cannot see them leading salvation prayers or asking lost souls to come to the altar to forsake their sins.

Many people do not want to hear the truth of God’s Word and that is why the church is saturated today with many false and fake ministers. How can you be comfortable in a church where the pastor has two wives? What will you expect such pastors to tell their members?

 Some members prefer to run from one prophet to another who will ‘see things’ for them and deceive them that God has spoken when God has said nothing. They are looking for prophetic declarations from ‘great men of God’ even when they don’t know the spirit behind such declarations.

Action Point: Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Instruction - An Antidote To Frustration - Dr. Paul Enenche
Thursday, 4 August 2016

Instruction - An Antidote To Frustration

SCRIPTURE: He who scorns instruction will pay for it, but he who respects a command is rewarded. – Proverbs 13:13

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Instruction arms a person against frustration. If you cannot be instructed, you cannot be assisted..

Instruction simply means detailed information on how something should be done.

It is instruction that prevents frustration and failure in life and destiny. At times, people fail examinations not necessarily because of their ignorance of the answer but because of their failure to follow the instructions of the examination. Instruction arms a person against frustration and destruction. That is why it is said, ‘To be forewarned is to be forearmed’

Obedience to Divine instructions has the potency of delivering a person from aimless existence. Moses would have continued wandering through life but for the Divine instruction he received from God to return to Egypt and sink the Pharaoh he fled from (Exodus 3:10).

There are many children of God today who are frustrated and stagnated on the frequency of their bankruptcy of obedience to Divine instructions.
It is not the knowing of instruction that produces result but the obedience of same. Those who know what to do and do what they know shift in levels.

I prophesy to you the grace to obey instructions that will change your levels in Jesus’ Name.

Remember this: Instruction arms a person against frustration. If you cannot be instructed, you cannot be assisted.

1. Locate a mentor with positive character and principles in the areas of your interest that can guide you through in those areas.
2. Determine to be humble to learn; never be too big to learn.


PRAYER: LORD, I thank You for Your Word to me today. Give me a humble and teachable spirit, O LORD, in Jesus’ Name.

DAILY READING: 2 Chronicles 35:1 to 36:23, 1 Corinthians 1:1 to 17, Psalm 27:1 to 6, Proverbs 20:20 to 21.

QUOTE: There is no success without secrets. Culled from 365 WISDOM CAPSULES by Dr Paul Enenche.

TODAY IN HISTORY – 4/8/1902: The Greenwich foot tunnel under the River Thames opened.

AMAZING FACT: The honey bee's wings stroke incredibly fast, about 200 beats per second, thus making their famous, distinctive buzz. A honey bee can fly for up to six miles, and as fast as 15 miles per hour.