Friday, 26 May 2017

UK police nab another Manchester terror attack suspect

UK police

MANCHESTER BOMBING UPDATE :British police in England arrested a man Friday morning in connection to Monday’s terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert that left 22 people dead, Greater Manchester Police announced.

“This morning (Friday 26 May 2017) we have arrested a man in the Moss Side area,” the police department tweeted.

“The arrest is connected to Monday’s attack on the Manchester Arena, but this is a fast moving investigation and we are keeping an open mind at this stage.”

Police confirmed that a total of ten people have been arrested in connection with the investigation into the attack, perpetrated by suspected suicide bomber Salman Abedi.

Two people, a man and a woman, have since been released without charge, leaving eight men in custody for questioning, police said.

In addition to those killed, 116 people received medical treatment at local hospitals for wounds from the blast.

The National Health Service said 75 people were hospitalised.

Source: ABC NEWS

United States President Trump to create ‘war room’ in White House

US President Donald Trump

Once President Trump wraps up an initial foreign trip that aides believe has gone very well, the Commander-in-Chief plans to strike quickly next week to beef up the White House staff with a “war room” aimed at taking the fight to the administration’s critics more aggressively, according to two advisers to the president.

The names of David Bossie and Corey Lewandowski, two trusted hands from the Trump campaign, are being bantied about as possible additions to the White House staff.

But the advisers to the president stress both men are currently focused on continuing to help the president from outside, and no final decisions have been made on whether the president will ask them to officially join the administration or simply defend the president more aggressively from the outside.

The advisers to the president describe a hands-on Trump who is prepared to go on offense after realising perhaps belatedly that he has to get far more serious about two critical matters, pushing back against leakers in the federal government and dealing with the political damage from the various Russia investigations led by Congressional committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“It’s all hands on deck,” said one of the advisers to the president who is involved in the planning.

The second adviser added bluntly, “there are going to be some changes” to the president’s existing staff.

However, both advisers were adamant about stressing that the continued speculation about a massive staff “shakeup” is overblown, and that there is nothing imminent in terms of potential changes for Press Secretary Sean Spicer and other top aides.

Instead, the president’s moves next week are more likely to be about addition than subtraction. “It is about bolstering and adding on to the staff,” noted one of the advisers.

The website Axios quoted one Trump ally as saying, “The White House is embracing the fight, which is going to last as long as Donald Trump is president. We’re getting street fighters ready to go.”

The president has already selected Mark Kasowitz, a tough New York lawyer, to lead his outside legal team to focus on the investigations.

One adviser to the President noted Kasowitz is “ready to rumble” with the President’s critics from outside the White House, so now the focus is who will be added to the West Wing to help Trump.

In the spotlight now are Bossie and Lewandowski, two people who have the trust of the president but did not join the administration in the early months.

Advisers now describe Bossie and Lewandowski as still wanting to help Trump from the outside, but both men would be honoured and hard-pressed to say no if the President asks them for more direct help when he returns from the foreign trip.

Lewandowski said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday night that he has no plans to join the administration and only goes to the White House as a visitor.

But he still left the door open by saying he would be honoured if the president wants him to work in the White House.

“My loyalty is to the president and the agenda he ran on,” Lewandowski said, adding “if I can help the president do that, of course.”

Source: Fox News

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner stun in new photo

Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner stun in new photo

Kylie Jenner shared a beautiful  photo with sister Khloe Kardashian on her IG page on Thursday. She wore a white long-sleeved cropped top and matching bikini bottom as she closed her eyes while hugging Khloe who wore a white bathing suit.




Topic: Discover What the Name Can Do 

Today: Friday May 26, 2017

Key Verse: Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth. - Philippians 2:9-10

Once you make up your mind to keep the commands of Jesus and begin to allow the Word to dwell in you richly, the Name of Jesus will become far more powerful to you. It will become more than just a word. It will become a force that will cause every circumstance and every demon that tries to stand in your way to bow its knee to your command.

I tell you, the Name of Jesus works. There is far greater power in it than any of us have yet realized.

My faith is so set on the authority of the Name of Jesus that there are times I just say, “In the Name” and the power of God comes on the scene.

In fact, I’ve discovered that the Name of Jesus—just the Name alone—is effective when spoken by a Word-abiding believer. Revelation 19:13 says the Name of Jesus is the Word of God! So, when an evil spirit is trying to bring sickness, poverty, depression or any other garbage into my household, I don’t have to quote every scripture I know to stop him. I can just point my finger at him and say, “Jesus!” That’s like throwing the whole Word of God in his face at one time!

Discover for yourself what the exalted Name can do. Begin to speak it with confidence and authority. There is power in the Name of Jesus.

Scripture Reading: Acts 3:1-16

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument

An undergraduate student of University of Benin, Ekewan campus, named Heritage is currently hospitalized after being stabbed in the head by her fellow student, Becky, who is reportedly supposed to be a friend. The victim's sister claims the argument started over a wrapper, before it escalated into this graphic stabbing. Narrating what happened, she wrote;

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument

"God is Faithful but justice must be served Watch the kind of friends you keep oh! My sister was stabbed in her head five times by Becky Isoken Oseye - 200 level Mass communication student
"After the stabbing she began to shout 'die die die: and Uniben security was doing nothing about it. Instead of carrying the culprit out immediately, they allowed her brush her teeth, eat, bath and then catwalk to the security office.
"On arrival, she was given a seat and sat majestically instead of being locked up. Can you imagine no friend went with Becky except myself, Osas and my sister when she was admitted for appendicitis and she could do something like this?
"I even talked with her (after the incident) and she said abeg leave me alone, what she had done was just ice cream. It was stated that she has done something similar in her secondary school 'presco girls school'. That she tore the girls body with knife.
"Justice has to be served! If Becky should be rusticated it would be lovely but her mum who her father left would feel it so much. The poor woman has high blood pressure all because of her and the girl doesn't care about school so she won't feel it. She should be beaten she and rusticated.. Stab someone five times over wrapper? Jesus Christ. and she was let go this afternoon without a scratch. While my sister was in the hospital, she was sleeping peacefully at home."

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument

GRAPHIC IMAGES: University student severely stabs her friend '5' times in the head over an argument


DCLM Daily Manna Devotional written by Pastor W.F. Kumuyi

Topic: Sweet Savour To The Lord 

Today: Friday May 26, 2017

Bible Text: Numbers 15:1-16

Key Verse: "And will make an offering by fire unto the LORD, a burnt offering, or a sacrifice in performing a vow, or in a freewill offering, or in your solemn feasts, to make a sweet savour unto the LORD, of the herd, or of the flock" (Numbers 15:3).

Many factors conjoin to make our food enjoyable. Food makers know so well the importance of aroma, mouth-feel and appearance when it comes to food consumption experience. The senses of taste and smell are inexplicably tied together and arc critical in food enjoyment and safety.

Except for what we consume strictly for medical reasons, food has to pass the aroma and taste test to get our acceptance or approval. God is also interested in sweet aroma. It could have been the missing element in the rejected offering of Cain as opposed to that of Abel whose sacrifice was accepted by God. When Noah appreciatively offered to God after the deluge, "the LORD smelled a sweet savour".

Following this the Lord resolved that He would not destroy the earth with such flood and that the course of nature should never be discontinued as long as the earth remained. When Moses, in today’s text, directed the Israelites concerning the different offerings they should bring to God when they should get to the Promised Land, it was to the intent of making "a sweet savour unto the LORD". All Israelites and proselytes (converts from other nations) among them were expected to offer. Also observe that for the offerings to be acceptable to God, they must be put together in the right quantity and quality as divinely instructed. We offer no such sacrifices today because, Christ has paid it all, having offered Himself once and for all. Yet, we must offer to the Lord a different set of sacrifices.

First, without repentance (heart contrition for sin), faith and reformation, our offering to God is an abomination to Him. The believer brings to the Lord the sacrifices of praise, prayer, treasure, talent, time, service and everything needed as symbols of our dedication to Him. Our willingness, motive and attitude with which we offer will determine whether our offerings will be sweet savour (acceptable) to Him.

Thought for the day: God accepts only sacrifices and offerings that give sweet savour.

Bible Reading in one Year: Zechariah 6-9

Nigeria Government To Sanction Kenya Airways Over Conveyance Of Dead Body To The Country

Nigeria Government To Sanction Kenya Airways Over Conveyance Of Dead Body To The Country

The Federal and Lagos State Governments are seeking sanction for Kenya Airways for conveying a dead body from Ebola infested Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, without approval from the necessary bodies.

This is coming as the corpse flown in from DRC has tested negative to the deadly Ebola virus.

At a joint news conference on Thursday in Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, Lagos Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris said the Kenya airline conveyed the deceased to Nigeria against the extant regulation.

“The airline brought the remains of this Nigerian without all necessary documentations that are
required to process its clearance by the Department of Port Health Services, Federal Ministry of Health. The Federal Government of Nigeria and relevant agencies condemn this deliberate breach.

“In line with industry practice, a report has been made to the Nigerian Civil Aviation, the regulatory agency of the Nigerian aviation industry on the occurrence.

“Necessary steps are being taken by the regulatory authority to sanction the airline in a bid to prevent future occurrence. We have commenced detailed investigation by all relevant agencies of government to determine the immediate and remote intentions of this unfortunate behaviour,” he said.

Idris emphasized that the Federal Government instituted a ban on the repatriation of human remains into the country in all points of entry as a precautionary measure to avoid importation of any infectious disease, saying that the ban was one of the interventions the nation undertook during the Ebola outbreak.

PM News

Appeal Court Judge Rebukes President Trump


In a stinging rebuke to President Donald Trump, a U.S. Appeals Court refused on Thursday to reinstate his temporary travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority nations, delivering another blow to the White House in a legal battle likely headed to the Supreme Court.

The decision, written by Chief Judge Roger Gregory, described Trump’s executive order in forceful terms, saying it uses “vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”

In a 10-3 ruling, a majority of judges on the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals said that the challengers to the ban -who included refugee groups and individuals – were likely to succeed on their claim that Trump’s order violates the U.S. Constitution’s bar on favoring one religion over another.

Citing statements by Trump during his presidential election campaign calling for a “Muslim ban,” Gregory wrote that a reasonable observer would likely conclude that the order’s “primary purpose is to exclude persons from the United States on the basis of their religious beliefs.”

The appeals court was reviewing a March ruling by Maryland-based federal judge Theodore Chuang that blocked part of Trump’s March 6 executive order barring people from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days while the government put in place stricter visa screening.

A similar ruling against Trump’s policy from a Hawaii-based federal judge is still in place and the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals court is reviewing that decision.

The Trump administration has argued that the temporary travel ban is a national security measure aimed at preventing Islamist militant attacks.

The March ban was Trump’s second effort to implement travel restrictions through an executive order. The first, issued on Jan. 27 just a week after the Republican president took office, led to chaos and protests at airports before it was blocked by courts.

The second order was intended to overcome the legal issues posed by the original ban, but it was blocked by judges before it could go into effect on March 16.

The case is likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court, which would make the final decision.

Photos: Nigerian Couple Welcomes Sextuplets After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years

Nigerian Couple Welcomes Sextuplets After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years

A Virginia hospital says its staff has successfully delivered sextuplets and the three boys and three girls are thriving.

VCU Medical Center in Richmond announced the births in a statement Wednesday, saying they were the first sextuplets delivered at the hospital. The babies were born May 11 to parents who had tried to conceive for 17 years.

The statement says a 40-person team was involved and the delivery required hours of planning. Ajibola Taiwo, a native of Nigeria, gave birth via cesarean section.

Nigerian Couple Welcomes Sextuplets After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years

Nigerian Couple Welcomes Sextuplets After Trying To Conceive For 17 Years


Today's Open Heavens Daily Devotional
Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Open Heavens Daily Devotional written by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Topic: Stand Up For Something

Today: Friday May 26, 2017

Memorise: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16

Read: Revelations 3:15-16 (King James Version)

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


Bible in one year: Acts 10-11, Jeremiah 36:4-19

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert could or hot.”
Revelation 3:15
If there is one state that God never wants His children to be in, it is the state of lukewarmness. As seen in the above Scripture passage, the Lord speaks His mind on this issue in very strong terms. He says if you want to be hot, be hot, and if you want to be cold, be cold; if you are neither cold nor hot, He will spit you out of His mouth. God has zero tolerance for lukewarmness. As foretold by the Holy Spirit long ago, many Christians in these last days are falling into the state of lukewarmness. Lukewarm people are tasteless in God’s mouth, and hence He cannot stand them. 


You cannot mix your worship to God with the worship of an idol. How can you put the Ancient of Days on the same platform as an idol that is the contraption of men’s hearts? God is greatly insulted by this. If you want to be a Christian, be a completely devoted one. Serve Him with your life and ensure you glorify Him in all that you do. If you however do not want to be a Christian, do not pretend to be one.

One soul I wish could have won for Christ is Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the late Nigerian Afro-beat music icon. I loved him for one thing: he was not a pretender. His lifestyle clearly showed that he was not on the side of Christ. This man married 27 wives in one day! He was a law unto himself. Some people say they are serving God, and at home they have one wife, but outside, they have several mistresses. Stop pretending! If you want to serve God, serve Him, but if you don’t want to serve God, stay away from Him. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

A lukewarm fellow will say he like something, whereas he hates that same thing in his heart. He or she lives a false life. Some people appear to be very active and zealous for God when they are in their country of origin, but when they travel abroad, you will not believe they are the same person you thought you knew. Such people are unable to stand for the truth, and so will find excuses to justify their lack of zeal for the things of God. 

Lukewarm people are dream-killers and act as bad influencers. If you are hot and you stay around them, they can discourage you by their attitude. Are you lukewarm? It’s time to come out of that state today! Take a stand for the truth and for living right!

Key Point
Those who find it difficult to stand up for Jesus still love the world.

SEED OF DESTINY DEVOTIONAL: The Benefits of Training

The Benefits of Training - Today's Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional
Seeds of Destiny Daily Devotional written by Pastor Paul Enenche

Topic: The Benefits of Training

Today: Friday 26, May 2017

SCRIPTURE: Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

SEED OF DESTINY DEVOTIONAL: Wasters of Life and Destiny

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When you are trained, you increase your efficiency in life.

Training, the act of learning a particular skill or type of behaviour in order to enhance one’s worth in life is critical to the fulfilment of destiny. God takes time to train His vessels before He exposes them to fulfil destiny. Jesus trained His disciples for about three years; no wonder they became mighty instruments in the Hand of God.

Now, what are the benefits of training?
1. Increased Efficiency: When you are trained, you increase your efficiency in life. When you sharpen your mentality, you enhance your destiny.
2. Elimination of Stress: When you are trained, you reduce or eliminate stress and struggles in life. Many people who end up on the road pushing wheelbarrows and struggling to survive never had the opportunity of going to school; that is why their lives are characterized with struggles and sweat.
3. Profit and Increase in Life: When you are trained, you will see profit and increase in life. A sharpened mentality increases self-worth.
4. Favour and Opportunities: When you are trained and your mentality is sharpened, you will increase in favour, opportunities and openings in life.

Beloved, ignorance is the greatest enemy of destiny. Mediocrity is the highest sponsor of obscurity. Improve your worth by being trained.

SEED OF DESTINY DEVOTIONAL: Redeeming Time Through Personal Development

Remember this: When you are trained, you increase your efficiency in life.

1. Make up your mind to be trained. Go for further trainings both academically and vocationally.
2. Determine to learn a new thing on a daily basis.
3. Train yourself spiritually above all.

PRAYER: Give me the grace, LORD to sharpen my mentality for destiny fulfilment in Jesus’ Name.


AMAZING FACT: The orbit of the Moon about the Earth would fit easily inside the Sun

TODAY IN HISTORY: 26/5/1946 – Jordan gains independence from Britain?

What the Devil Resists in a Man - Dr. Paul Enenche

QUOTE: Wisdom brings peace. Culled from WISDOM; LIFE’S GREATEST NECESSITY by Dr Paul Enenche.

DAILY READING: 2 Samuel 9:1 to 11:27, John 15:1 to 27, Psalm 119:49 to 64, Proverbs 16:1 to 3


Jesus Is Matchless - Today's Billy Graham's Daily Devotional

Billy Graham Daily Devotional
Topic: Jesus Is Matchless
Today Friday 26, May 2017

Key Verse: You have your life through Christ Jesus. He showed us God's plan of salvation; he was the one who made us acceptable to God . . .  — 1 Corinthians 1:30 (TLB)

BILLY GRAHAM DEVOTIONAL: His Indwelling Presence

More and more I am becoming aware of the truth that people change people as much as ideas change people. The power of personality is strong. One could find many illustrations to prove that often personality is greater than the idea. Such is the case with Christianity.

The secret of the power of Christianity is not in its ethics. It is not in Christian ideas or philosophy, although Christianity has a philosophical set of ideas. The secret of Christianity is found in a Person, and that Person is the Lord Jesus Christ. Men have discovered other philosophical and ethical systems, but they have not found another Jesus Christ. No one in history can match Him.


Prayer for the day
When I tell others of Your love, help me to hide my personality in Yours, Lord Jesus.

US President ATTACKS' Donald Trump warns that ‘horror’ of Manchester will ‘continue forever’ if world leaders fail to tackle it

ATTACKS' Donald Trump warns that ‘horror’ of Manchester will ‘continue forever’ if world leaders fail to tackle it

UNITED STATES PRESIDENT, DONALD TRUMP has warned the world that the “horror” of the Manchester attacks could “continue forever” if leaders fail to tackle extremist threats.

Theresa May appeared unimpressed with the President as they met today in Brussels – where she confronted him over repeated US leaks of key evidence in the Manchester terror attack investigation.

She vowed to make clear to him that shared intelligence “must remain secure” as police continue making arrests in the probe into the deadly bombing.

Mrs May said earlier today that the threat level would remain at a critical level, warning the public to "remain vigilant".

President Trump described the Manchester atrocity as a "barbaric and vicious attack" on our civilisation as he gave a speech at the new Nato headquarters.

He said it showed the "depths of the evil we face with terrorism" and again called the terrorists "losers".

"Terrorism must be stopped in its tracks or the horror you saw in Manchester and so many other places will continue forever.

"We have thousands and thousands of people pouring into our many countries and spreading throughout.

"We must be strong and we must be vigilant," he said.

But the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ is again under massive strain after an extraordinary transatlantic row broke out this week at the “arrogant” disclosures from across the pond.

Remarkable scenes-of-crime photographs were published by the New York Times last night showing blood-stained fragments of the device used to kill 22 people at the Manchester Arena. Read More